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How to create community in a sporting event?

Sport brings people together, makes them have shared passions and increases the bond with judi bola Gila brands. This is the reason why companies are making more and more efforts to reach the final public through sponsorship or other actions such as organizing a sporting event.

For the Marketing and Communication department, it is presented as an attractive challenge and, why not, very appealing. But then it’s time to manage all the details and this is where the need to have a team with experience in managing and organizing a sporting event is more present than ever .

Therefore, it is not just about creating the concept,

deciding which sport best represents us or which elite we are interested in. We must make the call attractive enough to organize a whole community of people around our event. But… How do you achieve that?

The attributes we are looking for are entertainment and emotion, they will be the lever that makes our audiovisual event a success or go unnoticed.

Organize a sporting event adding value to the audience

Define the objectives. Branding of agen 139 slots, reach, visibility, new launches… what are you thinking about? Specify what you are looking for by investing in the nba중계 event and how you are going to obtain the return you expect.

Confirm that your audience matches the profile of the audience attending the sporting event you sponsor. Somehow they have to be aligned. It is useless if your target is a senior audience and you prepare an event for minors, which does have an impact but will not have any type of link or affiliation with your company. The Marketing Director will have to intervene at this point.

Verify that the values ​​that you transmit in the event coincide with those of the brand that you sponsor. Do not stay alone with football or massive shows. If you want to extend your brand to young niches, sponsoring eSports can be a good idea. Of course, he knows very well the market where he enters.

Use the proper channels

A middle-aged target is not the same as a very young one. In any case, think of an omnichannel strategy and do not forget that digital channels are critical today. Social networks, search engines and the ticketing platform are relevant when it comes to giving visibility to the event and selling tickets.

It’s not about making money, but about adding value to your brand. You can launch yourself for a campaign of altruism. An example to follow is the corporate social responsibility that accompanies La Marató, the solidarity project promoted by Televisions de Cataluña and TV3 that rises funds for scientific and research purposes.

Whatever the end you desire, never forget to integrate creativity and innovation into your sports marketing strategy. Therefore, when organizing a sporting event, make it memorable. And when you don’t have enough of your own resources to develop any of the games you need, don’t hesitate to count on experts. Currently, many sports events are being organized, which do not enjoy good planning and organization. As a consequence of this fact, these sports events do not take place as the organizers want and expect. Keep in mind that the basis of any championship is its organization. It is for all this that we decided to make a book, where anyone who wants to organize a sporting event can go there and be able to see the steps that must be followed for its planning. For that, we have divided the book into various blocks: Area infrastructure, technical area, logistics area and marketing area.



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