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Augmented Reality In Broadcast

The broadcast world has joined computer technology. Terms such as augmented reality, virtual reality or immersive reality have become common denominators when making audiovisual productions that generate a high impact on the audience.

For a couple of years now, augmented reality has become a trend on television sets. It went from being a post-production process to being included in programs broadcast live.

Today, augmented reality in 스포츠중계 is a marketing and communication tool for companies, which have found in this format an interactive, dynamic and creative way to publicize their products and/or services through different platforms digital, especially now that physical events have been restricted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Transmission of an event with augmented reality

  • You must have the appropriate hardware and software for this purpose.
  • You must also have an appropriate environment for this technology to end up giving the desired result. For example, a set with a perfectly lit virtual background that allows for the embedding of 3D pop-ups.
  • In addition, the tracking of the cameras must be carried out, which allows us to have the appropriate perspectives and that the elements are proportionate.
  • Design of a landing page (in which case the client requires it).
  • Finally, mix all the elements that make up augmented reality, with 360º images.

Benefits of augmented reality in audiovisual production

  • Augmented reality is applicable to the transmission of any type of event both live and recorded.
  • It fits in any commercial sector: automotive, aeronautics, industrial design, medicine, tourism, architecture, education…
  • Thanks to its visual impact, it allows greater engagement with the audience.
  • Reduces costs and optimizes tasks, since virtual events do not deal with issues related to room and space rental, protocol and etiquette equipment, transportation, limitation due to time and space issues, and most importantly, it reduces risk of contagion of Covid-19.

At KKTV99 Broadcast we stand out for offering our clients personalized services. From the creation of the streaming landing to the production and live or recorded transmission of an immersive virtual event.



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