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How To Choose A Right Vacuum Storage Cabinet For Lab?

For a lab with many valuable samples and materials that need to be stored, it’s important to choose a vacuum storage cabinet that will provide the right level of protection. Here, we’ll tell you what you should look for. Choosing the right vacuum storage cabinet is crucial if your lab has odd hours or if there’s an emergency like a fire or flood.

Labs are often equipped with their freezers to preserve food, but these high-end appliances are also used for storing samples and equipment because they’re designed to keep items at -18° Celsius (-0° Fahrenheit). Let’s look at some things you should consider when choosing one for your lab.

  • Reliable Construction

If you have a smoke or flood emergency, you won’t have time to fool around if the vacuum storage cabinet you choose doesn’t withstand water damage or is severely damaged by fire. To provide peace of mind, ensure that your vacuum storage cabinet is made from sturdy materials and has a long-lasting design. For example, you might want to look for a vacuum storage cabinet constructed from steel, which is much more durable than plastic and other materials.

  • Internal Compartments

Besides being made of sturdy materials, the internal compartments in a vacuum storage cabinet are important if you need to store different items in the same unit. For example, you can keep your lab shelves organized and tidy with a few shelves. If you have samples or equipment that requires different containers, you can create more spaces for them by storing these items in different compartments of the vacuum storage cabinet.

  • Vacuum Storage Cabinet with Different Levels

Instead of having just one deep shelf to store samples and materials, some vacuum storage cabinets come with three or four tiers so that your lab can store lots of items in the same space. If the upper level is full, you could put down other things on the lower levels to save space. When purchasing one, measure your lab’s needs first before going shopping. You’ll want to look for a vacuum storage cabinet with a temperature control feature.

  • Removable Shelves

If the shelves in your vacuum storage cabinet are not removable, you’ll need to buy a bigger one when the tripped shelf is full. But if you have multiple levels, you could store more items on your vacuum storage cabinet by removing the shelves and using them for additional space when needed. Now that you know what to look for when choosing a vacuum storage cabinet, it’s time to look at some units that offer extra features that could help protect your laboratory’s contents and equipment.

  • Fireproof, Waterproof, and Shockproof

To provide maximum protection, look for a vacuum storage cabinet that’s fireproof, waterproof, and shockproof. The stainless steel models we recommend are water-resistant, so you can expect a heat resistance of up to 648° Celsius (1,200° Fahrenheit).

In addition, these units are designed to withstand severe impact. When storing samples and research materials like gas cylinders in your lab, you must choose an explosion-proof vacuum storage cabinet. You must choose a model that’s approved by the relevant safety authorities.

  • Auto-Lock

If you have fire or flood emergencies, you’ll need to get out of your facility quickly. To make it easier to leave your lab in a hurry, look for a vacuum storage cabinet with an auto-lock feature to be closed automatically when the doors are opened. This will help you save time during emergencies and provide extra protection for sensitive materials.

  • Digital Controller

If you’re looking for a vacuum storage cabinet with features such as temperature control, look for one with an easy-to-use digital controller. The digital controller will provide you with the necessary information about your samples or equipment. When buying a vacuum storage cabinet for your lab, it’s important that you choose one that’s quiet and doesn’t create any clanging noises when running its functions.

  • Isolated Ventilation

Vacuum storage cabinets that don’t have a proper ventilation system could experience condensation within the cabinet, which could ruin your samples or equipment. Choosing a vacuum storage cabinet with a closed ventilation system will remove all moisture as it enters the unit, which prevents this problem from happening. For even greater protection, ensure that the vacuum storage cabinet is designed with an isolated ventilation system.

Remember that the vacuum storage cabinet you choose should be able to handle high humidity and provide the right level of protection for your laboratory. The areas in your storage facility that need extra protection are the ones with stored samples and temperature-sensitive equipment



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