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From which manufacturers can you buy pool heat pumps?

Pool heaters with electricity and gas, but also pool heat pumps, and external pond pump reviews the appropriate spare parts can be purchased from many different brands. Among the most popular are:





Pool Star




Pool heat pump test or comparison: The most important user questions and answers about pool heat pumps

Do you have further questions about the purchase, use, and correct connection of pool heat pumps? We would also like to clarify these for you at the end of our pool heat pump comparison.

How is a pool heat pump connected?

Basically, you should always adhere exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications and the enclosed installation instructions for the installation of a pool heat pump. However, most pumps work according to the same principle and are also connected similarly.

Similar to a tankless water heater, the pool water must be gradually passed through the heat pump so that it can do its job. For this purpose, the pump is installed between the inlet nozzle and the filter system of the return. In order to regulate the flow of the invading water, a kind of bypass is mounted between the pool return line and the inlet and outlet of the heat pump.

When connecting your pool heat pump, also make sure that there are no walls, furniture or plants in front of the fan that sucks in the ambient air or in front of the exhaust air valve, otherwise, the air intake will be blocked or the cold exhaust air can cause damage.

In general, a pool heat pump should also ideally be placed outdoors. Here, not only the larger space is advantageous, but also the clearly unhindered circulation of the intake and exhaust air. The power supply is easy via the connection to the house electricity. 220 or 230 volts are required for operation.

How long does a pool heat pump have to run?

The duration over which your pool heat pump must work in order to reach the desired temperature can be determined using two key figures specified by the manufacturers: the heating capacity and the water throughput.

This allows you to easily calculate your heating time if you know the size of your swimming pool and the water flow rate of the pump. For example, if your pool holds 20m³ of water and throughput of 2m³ per hour is specified, your pool water pump will need about 10 hours for this 20m³.

Another way to determine the running time of a pool heat pump is to compare the pool content and the heating capacity. So if we assume again a pool capacity of 20m³ and a pool heat pump with 10kW heating capacity, this results in a required duration of two hours to heat the water by one degree Celsius.

Since there is generally enough time to warm up the pool water, it is advisable to choose a device with a timer that you can program, for example, to heat the pool overnight. So you will not lose any valuable bath time.

Where can I purchase pool heat pumps for installation pools and fixed pool areas?

Pool heat pumps can be bought, among other things, in hardware stores as well as from some well-stocked home outfitters.pond pump size however, you will find a wide range and numerous models at reasonable prices if you go online in search of the perfect heat pump for your pool.

For example, use our product comparison table, in which we have already clearly compared numerous pool heat pumps.



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