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Categories of dog trailers

What you should remember about the three categories of dog trailers,great dane mastiff mix we have compiled in a short form again for you. The following table provides the most important information:

Dog Bicycle Trailer

  • Requires a special clutch for the bike
  • Usually made of an aluminum or PVC frame and polyester
  • Some trailers can be converted into joggers

Dog trailer for the car

  • Requires a towbar
  • Consists of a safe and strong metal construction
  • Also for several dogs with single boxes

Dog trailer for the motorcycle and the scooter

  • More compact than a dog trailer for the car
  • With ventilation and window panes
  • Different sizes available

High demands on car and motorcycle trailers

How a dog trailer is designed depends heavily on whether it is to be hung behind a bicycle or a motorized vehicle. The latter not only requires a more stable construction but also calls the highway code on the plan. Where reflectors are sufficient for a bicycle trailer, a trailer for the car or motorcycle needs additional turn signals and brake lights.

Dog trailers for the bicycle are often made of a light metal frame or PVC, which is covered with polyester. The trailer can then be opened and closed by flaps with zippers. Car and motorcycle trailers are also made of metal but have also installed special thermal materials that ensure a pleasant temperature.

The ventilation is also a bit more complex here. Dog trailers with an additional storage roof offer enough space to store the luggage and dog accessories.

Equipment of dog trailers: Integrated leashes provide additional safety

Safety and comfort are very important regardless of the respective model or type. So all trailers are quite comfortably equipped and offer enough space to prepare a dog bed with blankets and pillows. Integrated safety lines ensure that your favorite four-legged friend does not fly around in the trailer, and still gives him enough freedom of movement so that he can make himself comfortable.

The nets for ventilation of the dog bike trailers are often lockable with additional flaps. These have to view windows and provide adequate ventilation. This keeps your dog dry in the rain without having to give up the fresh air. The larger dog trailers for cars are sprung and have integrated dog boxes. If desired, you can of course also use a cat transport box for the transport of small dogs or even cats.

What weights are allowed on dog trailers?

Even if there is no fixed maximum limit for the total weight or loading of dog trailers tips information, the manufacturer’s instructions must be observed in any case. In most cases, the maximum total weight is specified, which is composed of the dead weight and the dog weight. Of course, light bicycle trailers carry less than a car trailer for large dogs.



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