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Do Men Require Self Care Too?

We see many women taking care of their skin, being health conscious, and whatnot. They take many trips to the salon and make sure that they are in their perfect form. However, how often do we see men doing the same? The simple yet sad fact is that most men don’t think they require self-rejuvenation sessions. That is incorrect.

What is self-care?

To begin with, what is self-care all about? Self-care is any action that we take to enhance our physical and mental condition. A good day in the spa to groom and keep yourself in shape would not hurt. Everyone deserves it. Men are no exceptions either.

Importance of self-care


Facials, the treatment performed on your face’s skin, include exfoliation, massage, extractions, cleansing, and the like. In short, your face is going to have a good time if you treat it with this. There are a gazillion reasons why you should get this treatment done:

  • They detox and deep clean your skin.
  • You can have those bothersome blackheads removed with ease.
  • Your face can exfoliate better.
  • Your skin deserves a relaxing break, so grant that to it.

Manicure and pedicure

The hands and feet are the most functioning parts of our bodies. Yet, they never cared about it enough. We barely give them the cleaning they require, and…No, it’s not meant only for women. Let’s discard that mindset and give yourselves the care you need. Here are the reasons why manicures and pedicures can be necessary to get, at least once in a while:

  • You are left with healthy hands and feet after just one session. All your dead skin cells are removed revealing the new you.
  • To get a well-groomed look, this is the best option.
  • It is a misconception that manicure sessions always come with nail polish set packages. It mainly deals with cleaning your hands and feet, so you don’t have to worry about getting the ‘women-like treatments’. You can get done with this simple treatment in no time.
  • You can get rid of those overgrown cuticles. This doesn’t seem important to most of the men around. However, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot and see what it feels like.
  • You can get those cracked heels treated.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a procedure involving the usage of lasers to remove unwanted hair. It is known to reduce the growth of unwanted hair, if not completely stop its growth. The benefits of this are:

  • You can get the process done very quickly as it is the fastest way to do away with unwanted hair. You might need multiple sessions, but they take only a matter of minutes to get the process done.
  • It is a lot less painful than other hair removal methods.
  • This process is seen as a long-term solution.
  • It helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Should you go with the stigma?

As far as the “boys don’t cry” misconception goes, people have stereotyped certain things according to their gender. Self-care is one among these. It is often seen as women taking care of their skin and men are stigmatized and shamed for doing the same. This should not be acceptable. Men deserve to get some special skincare sessions too.

You can book your grooming sessions if you don’t support this stigma and intend to break it to have a society with broader minds.



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