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Tips to find a first-class example of a second-hand Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Wapcar Automotive News – In 2022, Mitsubishi celebrates its 20th anniversary in Canada. For many of those years, the Mitsubishi Outlander nameplate was a key element. When the first-generation Outlander PHEV was launched in 2018, it became the best-selling PHEV model in Canada. If you’re considering buying a used one, the information below and linked elsewhere on this page should prove helpful.

Last year, I put together this 2014-2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Used Guide to provide buyers with some helpful ways to spot potential problems and concerns reported by some longtime car owners. It can be adapted to Mitsubishi used car Malaysia and so on.

In it, I advise used buyers to pay attention to the paint finish, transmission operation, maintenance and warranty of the used Mitsubishi Outlander they are considering, and give The vehicle is thoroughly checked by a technician for any signs of liquid leakage.

I’ve also gone over a few things to consider for buyers opting for an Outlander Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV). Below, I will expand on those points and provide a few more for curious PHEV Outlander buyers to consider before purchasing.


Some PHEVs have all-wheel drive (AWD), but can only push all four wheels if their engines are running. This type of PHEV is capable of driving in all-electric mode, but only in all-wheel drive mode. On winter journeys, this means drivers have to choose between maximum traction and maximum efficiency.

However, the Outlander PHEV is not included in the list of these models. Its PHEV powertrain can power all four wheels whether the petrol engine is (or not) running. With all-electric four-wheel drive, used Outlander PHEV drivers can enjoy all-electric journeys with full traction in the snow.

Model year problems

As for the first generation, the Outlander PHEV gave the Canadian dealers a great hit four years ago. trim levels at launch include the SE S-AWC, SE S-AWC Touring Package and GT S-AWC. AWC stands for All Wheel Control, Mitsubishi means All Wheel Drive (AWD).

The 2019 model year update added exterior updates to the grille and wheels, interior enhancements including rear USB ports and illuminated power window switches, as well as system improvements. suspension, soundproofing and structure, contributing to a fresher look and a more comfortable ride.

If you’re passionate about connectivity and in-car audio experiences, consider a 2020 or newer unit, which adds Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and an upgraded stereo system to deliver audio performance. improved without the need for bulky chassis-mounted subwoofers. previous models of this generation. The 2021 Outlander PHEV brings to market a new powertrain with an all-new engine, larger battery, more powerful rear motor and more standard powertrain assist features. 

For PHEV buyers, the big news is the upgrade from a 12kWh battery to a 13.8kWh battery and improved engine power. Drivers enjoy approximately 30 km of all-electric range from energy stored on units with 12 kWh batteries (2018-2020) and approximately 40 km range from upgraded batteries that have been released for 2021.

Note that these numbers are approximate and can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including temperature. Your results will vary. All told, the new powertrain and battery/motor combination for 2021 should boost system output to 221 hp – a 31 hp increase over 2020.



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