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Customized Vs. Ready-Made Furniture In Hong Kong

When looking to furnish a home in Hong Kong, one must choose between ready-made furniture that is widely available and custom furniture that is manufactured to order based on the buyer’s specifications. While there is no shortage of furniture choices, there is some uncertainty about which is best and why. So that you can make an informed decision, this article discusses advice from a professional interior design company (內設計公司) on the advantages and disadvantages of ordering custom furniture vs. purchasing ready-made pieces.

Customized Furniture

With customized furniture, the homeowner’s tastes and preferences are taken into account during the planning and construction processes. There are just a few of these pieces, so you can rest assured that you have something truly special. Traditional woodworking techniques and original raw supplies are used in the construction of customized furniture.


  • When a customer orders customized furniture, it is constructed specifically to their specifications.
  • The possibility of enjoying your space is maximized with custom furniture since it is created and built to fit the exact specifications of the given location. The pieces can either go unnoticed or serve as a show-stopping focal point.
  • The beauty of customized furniture is that it allows the designer to experiment with a variety of aesthetic directions and integrate personal touches. The choice of color, material, and cushion is also yours to make.
  • Because the homeowners choose only the highest quality resources, customized furniture lasts for generations. As a result, purchasing customized pieces of furniture is a wise financial decision that will increase the value of your home.


  • The cost of a custom-made piece of furniture is high.
  • It takes longer to make since there are more opportunities for quality control and sign-off along the production process.

Ready-made Furniture

The term ready-made refers to the widespread availability of factory-made furniture. Designers strictly adhere to industry-standard dimensions when designing furniture. There are several furniture stores and internet marketplaces where you may buy already assembled furniture. Frames of factory-made furniture are typically constructed from synthetic materials such as particle boards.


  • Ready-made furnishings are inexpensive.
  • Because of its availability, it comes in a bewildering array of colors, patterns, and materials.
  • Another perk is that ready-made furniture takes less time to produce because of the use of machinery or because similar items are readily available from stock.
  • Most importantly, while purchasing this kind of furniture from a store, you may inspect the pieces for yourself, checking their measurements and quality of construction.


  • There is no way to change the dimensions of ready-made furniture.
  • Raw material standards are not up for debate.
  • Another disadvantage is that it is impossible to judge the quality of the furnishings. Using low-quality wood or other materials in the construction of furniture increases the likelihood that it may be damaged by humidity. That’s why it’s crucial to get ready-made furniture from trusted companies that stand behind their products with a solid warranty.

Bottom Line

Those on a tighter budget will find that ready-made furniture is the best option. The best solution if you want high-quality furnishings is to have them made specifically for you. In addition, when you order customized furniture, you can use your imagination to make something unique. For those whose lives are characterized by frequent relocation, it is recommended to go for lightweight, ready-made furniture.



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