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Court Marriage Witness? Get Complete Information

Court Marriage Witness:

If you wish to know about court marriage witness or Christian marriage, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. In other instances, it could be a matter of a marriage that isn’t approved by the families or a polygamous union without or without knowing the wife who was the first (van Eijk, 2016, (p. 140). Certain couples marry in traditional ways solely because the military limits the possibility of registering the court marriage witness or Christian marriage (the consent from officials from the military is necessary). The practice is thought to have become popular since 2011, as it is becoming more difficult to get permission from the military authorities following the start of the civil conflict (humanitarian organization gathering, June 2018).

Military Authorities:

To be able to record an annulment without the approval of military authorities, it’s required for the bride to be expecting or to have already had a baby (see 3.1.3). 3.1.3). It has become normal for couples that are not religiously married and where the spouse is in the military to fake an announcement of pregnancy or birth to be able to register their marriage to an official court (Enab Baladi, 2017c). 4.6


In section 3.1.1, The spouses are represented by proxies with the marriage registration. But the parties are usually present with court marriage witness or Christian marriage. The role of the proxy is limited to the registry with Sharia court. The parties are present at the wedding reception, and it is nearly always a wedding reception to celebrate the wedding, no matter the financial position.

Christian Marriage:

The court marriage witness or Christian marriage are not part of the wedding festivities (Rabo email correspondence September 2017). 4.7 CHILD MARRIAGES The official statistics for child marriages and the average age of marriage are available. In the opinion of van Eijk, who cites an article from theĀ  Pakistan Commission for Family Affairs (the primary source of the report was not identified), the average age of marriage increased between 26 and 29 years for males and between 21 and 25-year-olds for females between the years 1981 to 2000 (van Eijk, 2016, page.

United Nations Development Programmed for Women:

135). The survey carried out by the United Nations Development Programmed for Women in 2005 found that early marriage was common and that the frequency of these marriages with court marriage witness or Christian marriage was higher for those living in the countryside than in cities. 38% of women in the survey were married between the ages of age between the ages of 15 and 19. Three percent of the women said that they got pregnant prior to 15 years old and 2% of them were in urban areas, and 4 percent in rural regions. 30% of women were pregnant between the ages of 15-19; 29% were in urban areas, and 31 percent in rural regions (UNIFEM 2005).


The surveys conducted by UNICEF in the context of Pakistan refugees living in Jordan reveal similar trends. 25% were married prior to reaching their 18th birthday in 2013.

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