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Court Marriage Without Witness is Possiable?

Court Marriage Without Witness:

Court marriage without witness is not valid. For details on court marriage without witness or Christian marriage certificate, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. They can be found in a number of Muslim countries. One of the traditions that are observed in  Pakistan is what’s known as “summer marriages” (z awaj al-sayf), in which local women are married to men who have been on vacation in the Gulf countries. The court marriage without witness or Christian marriage certificate are typically temporary and do not have any financial obligations to the man.


They usually end in a sad way for the woman, as they suffer the possibility of divorce, as well as “illegitimate” pregnancies and children (van Eijk, 2016 in p. 140-146). The cohabitation of a man with a woman outside of marriage is considered taboo and not as acceptable socially in  Pakistan regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or class. Individuals who are involved in sexual relations that are not married can be prosecuted in accordance with the laws that are in the Penal Code, which ban sexual interactions outside of marriage with court marriage without witness or Christian marriage certificate.


Cohabitation is virtually unheard of. However, it is reported that there have been uncommon instances. The most exceptional cases are observed among students in their teens who reside in different cities from their family members. Cohabitation is generally in the shadows of the family (Muhanna 2009). CONSEQUENCES OF THE CIVIL WAR In 2012 2013, between 2012, and 2013, the  Pakistan regime was unable to control large areas of the country to several rebel groups.

Christian Marriage Certificate:

However for court marriage without witness or Christian marriage certificate, the regime maintained control of a few of the areas with the highest population in the west and began to gradually gain territories from insurgents from the year 2015. In the summer of 2018, Central authorities took back control over the majority of the country, with only exceptions being areas like the Idlib province and northern regions of Aleppo province where they were under the control of militant groups, as well as the northern parts of the country that were under the control of Kurdish PYD. Kurdish group PYD and its partners (LIFO 2017. Liveuamap, n.d.). A quarter part of  Pakistan’s population, 23 million, is forced to leave due to the conflict. Over 5 million are refugees in neighboring countries, and the rest have been internally displaced in  Pakistan (OCHA n.d.; UNHCR 2017). 5.1


 The state bureaucracy, including the sharia courts on court marriage without witness or Christian marriage certificate and the offices of the Civil Status Department (the population register), still functions in government-controlled areas. This means it’s generally possible to record divorces and marriages in these zones.

Sharia Court:

The Sharia courts, as well as civil status offices, operate in PYD-controlled regions in the northeast region of Pakistan (humanitarian organization, meeting June 2018; humanitarian organization meeting in May 2017; International Organisation meeting in May 2017).

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