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Christmas Tree Facts You Never Knew

Christmas Tree Facts You Never Knew. It’s that time of year! Families all over the world work on decorating their homes for Christmas there is nothing that can compare to the time and effort put into getting The White House ready for Christmas. Here’s everything that you didn’t know regarding Christmas this year’s White House Christmas tree, designed by ex-White House florist Laura Dowling.

The White House Christmas tree

The very first White House Christmas tree was placed on the second floor of the Yellow Oval Room in 1889. The year was 1889 and Benjamin Harrison was serving as the 23rd president of the United States. The tree was set up, especially for his children, and was decorated with toys and candles. It has evolved into an elaborate event. The White House Christmas tree has been transformed into a larger spectacle. Discover some lesser-known facts about this Christmas season. Get more details on which president banned Christmas trees in the white house.

Hoovers started the Blue Room tree

The first lady Lou Henry Hoover started the tradition of having an unbroken Christmas tree placed in the Blue Room of the White House. The year was 1929 and she ensured that the first “official” tree was decorated with the highest level of holiday cheer.

The First Lady picks the theme for the year.

The decision to decorate the decor of the White House during the Christmas season begins with Mrs. Kennedy, the first lady. It was a tradition that began with Jaqueline Kennedy’s first visit in 1961. If you want to read more about trendy topics then visit TrendyAnswers.com

It can take a whole year to plan, however, it takes only five days to implement

It’s real that it takes a full year to design all of the White House decorations. It requires a lot of sketches, different styles, color palettes, and themes for each area and space within the White House.

Volunteers are key

To meet this deadline before the Christmas season More than 100 volunteers help sort the objects, then put them up to put them up, and finally put up and finally White House Christmas tree ornaments each year.

The preparation work is completed on the spot

In the five-day time frame of installation, the initial two days following Thanksgiving are spent making and arranging the decorations like wreaths, ribbons and wreaths the tinsel, and the flowers in the storage area where they’re stored and in the White House, where they’ll be displayed.

Accidents are possible

There are guidelines that must be followed to ensure that there is White House a place of extraordinary American artistic beauty and the official residence of the President of the United States.

It takes around 25 people to decorate the tree.

Given the scale and size that our Christmas tree has, we designed specific concepts for design and a plan of action specifically for the purpose of being applied to the Blue Room tree.

The Christmas tree can be taken down in October.

Every year each year, the White House Florist along with the association of American Christmas tree Growers selects the perfect tree that meets the requirements.

Sometimes it is because the tree is too big

The Association of American Christmas Tree Growers chooses the best Christmas tree. There was one year when the tree was too big and too large for the White House.

More than 3,500 ornaments are utilized

During the Christmas season, More than 3,500 ornaments (along with the thousands of LEDs that are energy efficient) are placed on various Christmas trees all around the White House.

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