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Beyond Small Retail Boxes: Diversifying the Business Model

You may be considering diversifying your business beyond the small retail box category. If you are able to sell packaging for wholesale goods, you may want to consider online selling. Then, you can expand to mobile sales, too. This can help your business grow exponentially. Besides, it doesn’t take much to extend your online shop to mobile platforms. There are many other ways to grow your business. Here are a few ideas:

Customized Boxes

Besides the use of small retail boxes for storing and shipping products, custom-made boxes come in various shapes and sizes. They can be embossed with a logo or the name of the company at a high density. A business card can also be printed on the box. Such custom-made boxes can be a perfect option for promoting a company or product. They are inexpensive to purchase in bulk and can be given away as gifts to customers or employees. They can also be used as prizes for competitions and other activities.

Apart from providing the most attractive and practical packaging to a product, custom-made boxes are also an ideal marketing tool. These boxes come with excellent quality and materials that are made to withstand a long time. These boxes come with full insurance for the products they contain and are shipped internationally. They come with heavy-duty paper and unique packing materials. This makes them the perfect choice for small custom retail boxes and sundries. It also offers the option of customization.

Kraft Paper

While kraft paper can be used for full-color printing, it is also a good choice for a more subtle look. Because kraft paper is strong, you can customize the box to include a logo or branding. Additionally, the material is easy to print on, so you can also opt for environmentally friendly soy-based inks. For extra appeal, you can also choose to emboss the box. There are many advantages to using kraft boxes for packaging your products.

The material is made from trees, and it contains fibers of cellulose and lignin. These fibers help to hold paper together, and lignin is the substance that gives it brown color. Paper is not naturally white, and it is produced by bleaching the fibers to make them white. This process lowers the carbon footprint of the product. For that reason, many companies choose kraft paper for their packaging needs.

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Spot UV Printing

One of the benefits of using Spot UV printing for small retail boxes is its glossy look. Although it can add a unique look to the packaging, this type of printing is still legible even at a distance. The glossy finish also offers additional protection from the handling that packaging undergoes. Whether a product is shipped from a warehouse or sold online, it is essential to use high-quality packaging that is designed to withstand the rigors of the retail environment.

Spot UV printing requires a porous substrate for optimal results. Because of its lack of surface area, a small retail box may not be able to accommodate a large print ink spot. Moreover, fine lines, hairlines, and fonts can’t be properly printed on a small retail box. In addition, Spot UV does not perform well on thin substrates. To avoid this, it is advisable to use a higher quality substrate for small display packaging boxes.

Other Materials

In the process of creating packaging materials for a small retail store, you should choose a material that will prevent your product from shifting during transit. Foam packing peanuts and other foam inserts are often used in small boxes, but these materials are not as attractive as other options. If you are considering a cardboard-based box, choose a material made from wood fibers or excelsior. They can be custom printed or colored.


When you want to ship your items, the price of small retail boxes can make or break your business. Whether you’re shipping from an office building, home, or even on your own, the price is going to vary greatly. You’ll need to consider the type of product you’re shipping and the dimensions of your boxes. Shipping companies can offer free shipping boxes when you order in bulk. Many common carriers offer free boxes as well.

If you’re looking to ship items, you may want to use specialty boxes. They can be expensive, so it’s important to find a box that’s the right size and shape. If you’re shipping a CD, make sure you look at the dimensions and quality of the box. Some specialty boxes have higher shipping costs than others. To help you avoid the extra expense, check out customboxesmarket. They manufacture most of their boxes in the USA.



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