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5 Must-Have Home Appliances

There are essential household appliances you would expect in every home. Whether it’s a new home or an already established family house, there are basic things you should find in such a home. 

The priority of your home appliance may depend on you and your country’s climatic conditions. While some may prefer cooling appliances in a hot and humid climate, others may have their preferences for heating appliances due to the cold and temperate region. 

We know that all home appliances are necessary, but we want to narrow it down to the essential ones you don’t want to ignore in your home. 

Here, we present a list of 5 top-essential home appliances you can get for your home. This does not follow any particular order of preference. 

Flat Cord Power Strip

A flat cord power strip is one must-have home appliance you can’t afford to miss in your home. It would be best if you had a power strip to power all your electrical gadgets in your home. 

The power cord comes in different types, with multiple functions. You have several o[ptions to choose from. You can get a heavy-duty extension cord that can carry all your heavy-duty equipment, like your washing machine and dryer, deep freezer, pressing iron, etc. 

A power strip has surge protection to guard your electrical appliances from high voltage or thunder strikes. A power strip directs the excess voltage to the ground during a power surge. You don’t need to worry about a power surge if you use a power strip because it is durable. 

You can plug multiple devices into one wall outlet. Some power strips have ten outlets, some have 15 outlets, and some have even more. Suitable for industrial uses.  

With long and durable cords, some power strips can be extended to several meters. Ideally, you can use them for home, office, studio, or conference rooms. 

Newer models of the power strip come with multiple USB slots for you to charge your smartphones, MPs, and any device that uses a USB port. 


white wooden kitchen cabinet and white microwave ovenEvery home – whether old or new needs a gas cooker. A home without a gas cooker is likely not inhabited. It is one of the essential home appliances anyone can have. 

After establishing your home, a gas cooker is the next thing you want to think about because feeding is as important as life itself.  

A gas cooker makes cooking exciting, fun, and pleasurable. It’s a woman’s delight in her kitchen.  

Can you imagine a home without a gas cooker? Or a home where they use a kerosine stove or firewood? 

Cooking food with a gas cooker is quicker and more convenient. It makes your food taste more delicious and does not keep any stains on your cooking utensils. It also gives your kitchen a pleasing aroma. 

Another beauty of the gas cooker is the one with an oven. If you have a cooking gas with an oven, you are blessed. You can bake all your bread, meat pies, cakes, etc. You can also dry your fish or meat anytime you want. 


Woman in White Sweater Near RefrigeratorA refrigerator is a must-have in every home. You can hardly find a home that doesn’t have a fridge. In most cases, you find a small-size fridge instead of not having anyone at all. 

With your refrigerator, you can store your food and beverages to keep them fresh and healthy when you want to use them. 

Fridges help to keep your water cold. You can also get ice from the refrigerator for your gin or whiskeys. A home without a refrigerator will always find it challenging to preserve food. It means that you might have to be forced to consume everything you cook or have to throw away any remnants. 

Washing Machine/Dryer

Photo of Laundromat MachinesWhether a new one or an old one, your home needs a clothes washer and dryer. Washing your clothes by yourself is almost becoming outdated and old-fashioned.  

Consider the time you have to put in trying to wash your dirty work clothes after a long workweek. Or you want to imagine how messy your kids’ dirty uniforms will be. 

There’s much labor trying to clean out heavy stains from thick clothes or remove odors from dirty clothes. A clothes washer will do the work effectively without stress. 

Use the dryer to dry your clothes at all times. You don’t have to worry about sunlight to air dry your washed clothes. 

If you’ve got kids at home or a large family, a washing machine is a must-have for your home.


Woman using Dishwasher A dishwasher is much more than a necessity in every home. It’s a priceless home appliance. It takes the pressure off you as it performs all the tasks of cleaning up the dishes at home. 

A dishwasher is an automatic device for washing dishes, pots, cutlery, and cooking utensils. It is one of the most helpful kitchen appliances as it solves the biggest problem in the home – washing. 

Most people enjoy cooking, but washing the dishes is a big problem. If you have a dishwasher in your home, you have resolved a conflict regarding who washes the dishes all the time. The dishwasher is a delight in every home. 


Every home needs home appliances. Your preferences will depend on your family’s needs. You may consider one instead of another. Whatever your preferences may be, don’t forget to include a flat cord power strip on your list of 5 must-have home appliances in your home 




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