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Best Sites to Download and Read Comic Book

If you love comic books, then you’re going to love this article. It highlights the best online comic book websites, from Marvel Unlimited to Comixology Unlimited to Amazon Kindle books. Read on for a list of the top comic book sites and apps that will keep your reading habits alive for years!

Online comic book sites and apps are some of the most convenient ways to read comics today, but which one is the best? This blog post lets us know the top ten. Whether you’re looking for a good site or app that works with your comics library or just trying to figure out what’s out there, we’ll tell you what’s worth your time.

Marvel Unlimited:

For those looking for a place to download and read comic books online, this may be the perfect site for you. Marvel Unlimited is an app that lets users read unlimited comic books from Marvel’s library. Users pay $10 a month, and get unlimited access to thousands of comics from titles such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Thor, and Avengers .

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As users read through the comics available in the app, they can track their progress. One of the best features Marvel Unlimited offers is its back catalog: All past comics are included in its library. Also cool? Users can save entire issues using their device’s save button..

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DC Kids:

This is the perfect place for parents who want to read comics with their children. DC Kids allows users to create a safe space for kids, without fear of getting in trouble. In addition to the site’s shield feature, which lets kids hide their comics (so they’re not tempted or forced to read certain comics), there’s also an awesome app available on iOS and Android!

The app lets users track their reading progress and see what books they’ve read so far. Kids can also get access of special features and rewards when they meet certain reading goals. Parents can also set up guardian profiles that keep track of reading habits, complete with reward systems that allow them to give out rewards when kids reach milestones.


For those who want to read digital comics but don’t want to pay a dime, you can use Libby’s app to get your comics fix. The app is 100% free and includes hundreds of comics from publishers like DC , IDW , Image, and Marvel .

Libby lets users access their entire library for free, so they can read their comics on any device at any time. The app also lets users access other great features like offline reading and the ability to create comic book reading lists.

Comixology Unlimited:

If you’re looking for something with a bigger selection (and higher cost), then this is the site or app for you.

Dark Horse’s Free Books:

Dark Horse comics is the home of comic book classics, such as Hellboy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As part of their efforts to increase visibility for underrepresented groups, they offer free online comics to read or download. While some are still in a relatively primitive state, many are also available in better quality digital formats (for example color images).

DriveThru Comics:

An independent comics publisher with a mission to put the best online comics in a storefront accessible to everyone. They offer their titles for download in JPG and PDF format, which makes them useful for beginners and experienced artists alike.

Dark Horse Digital Comics:

While we’re on the subject of Dark Horse, one should note that they also offer an online comics store that includes mobile access and works on all platforms. Android, iOS and desktop users alike can read unlimited titles (new releases do require an account, however).

Amazon Best Sellers:

Best Comics for Free:

A selection of the best Dark Horse and other comics.

Comics at Noon:

They only have a few free comics, but they are quality. They offer a wide variety of genres, from super heroes to horror, and make it easy to access their content from any device or browser. You can signup for free (or upgrade to a paid account) and get Comics at Noon on your mobile device for free. (Find mobi collections here.

Digital Comic Museum:

A resource for getting ahold of classic comics, particularly from Marvel and DC.

Goblins Comix:

A collection of horror and monster comics, some of which are in color. You can download the .cbr files onto your computer and read them in an application like CDisplay or ComicRack.

Graphic India:

A large selection of titles that are mostly in the public domain. Links lead to their respective publishers.

Gumball Comics:

They offer superheroes stories such as Superheroes 2000+ , Bizarro World , and Goblin Quest . Most are available in CBZ format, which can be easily read on desktop computers or mobile devices through apps such as CDisplay Comic Reader,

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