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Best 2022 websites to watch online movies

You may have heard that the United States Congress recently passed a bill to repeal an Obama-era regulation called Net Neutrality. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry: we’re breaking it down for you. The effects of this measure will be felt by everyone who uses the Internet in any way – and it’s not going to be good news. For starters, with Net Neutrality regulations gone, companies can now charge extra fees for certain websites like Netflix or Hulu and give preference to their own content over competitors’. This will mean higher costs for customers who want to binge watch their favorite shows online – a reality that is already hitting American viewers pretty hard.

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With the removal of Net Neutrality and Net Neutrality-like laws, YouTube will see a significant change in how it works. Right now, YouTube is a free service that anyone can use. But under a new scenario where indie creators don’t have to pay extra fees to upload their videos, the service could become much more expensive and potentially even more limiting.


WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging clients – almost everyone on the planet uses it to communicate with friends and family on a daily basis. But with Net Neutrality gone, WhatsApp could face restrictions that would prevent them from sending messages out of country or making money from them – ultimately leading to fees for customers who rely on it.

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My Flixer:

My flixer gives you real-time notifications whenever a movie or TV show is added to Netflix or Hulu – it’s also free and easy to use. However, as Net Neutrality goes, MyFlixer could be shut down by the new bill, leaving customers defenseless against the changes in how movies are made and distributed.

Samsung Smart TV:

The Samsung Smart TV is one of the most popular TVs on the market right now. This year they released an internet-connected model which uses Roku TV – meaning anyone can use it with Roku’s streaming services. But unfortunately, with Net Neutrality gone, they will be restricted from using apps like Netflix (or any other streaming service) that require a paid subscription.

Freevee (formerly IMDb TV):

This is an app that gives you a free, real-time list of what’s currently on TV – and what’s coming up soon – that works with any streaming device. It’s also free and easy to use, so there’s no extra cost when you decide what to watch next. Under Net Neutrality gone, Freevee faces restrictions which will prevent it from operating as it does now.


IMDb is the world’s largest online database of movies and television shows. But with Net Neutrality gone, IMDb TV would be restricted from using the IMDb site at all – meaning customers may not be able to keep up with the latest films or see new trailers for upcoming films or TV shows.


Watch free video on demand via your computer, tablet, or mobile device! Hulu Plus:  Watch live and on demand streaming TV for a range of devices. Redtube:  Free access to HD porn videos. Vimeo  & The Sundance Institute  – watch independent film shorts and documentaries. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to kill time or find the perfect film for a date night, you can’t do better than the curated selection of websites listed here.

Internet Archive:

– Find free movies and television shows; Watch any title from this rare collection of public domain titles from more than 25 years of video. For example, The New York Times FAVS: Romeo and Juliet, The Odyssey, Casablanca and many more. Stream on your computer or tablet with instant access to thousands of popular movies and TV shows. Watch 1.5 million movies & TV episodes in HD for free.

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– Register now to access a personal streaming player that enables you to watch live TV on your PC, Mac or mobile devices.


Free online library of CBS shows, full episodes and videos. Shows like Criminal Minds online. ABC: Watch ABC shows online – catch up on the episodes that you missed!


The latest PBS news and programs for people who want to learn more about the worlds of science, technology, history, public affairs and arts & entertainment from PBS.


Watch movies and tv series in high quality. Watch live news channels from around the world. Lots of quality video content from around the web is available here 24/7.

KTM Movie

Watch and download KTM Movies for free on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Over 7500 HD movies and TV shows to download for free. Digital Video:  Watch HD videos online. Covering all genres, they have a Movies section where you can find movies ranging from Action, Crime, and Adventure to Documentaries, Horror, and Romance

Stream Netflix From Your Mobile Devices For Free:

Watch Netflix on your phone or tablet – no streaming device required. Stream the next episode of Daredevil on your iPhone or iPad when you are away from home. You need an Internet connection to stream Netflix around the world and watch content from all their countries.



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