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Beautiful canoe trips in North Rhine-Westphalia

Numerous wonderful canoe tours can also be made in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In this article, we present 5 beautiful options. Our list only lists routes that can be mastered within one day.

If you plan well, you can also combine the canoe trips with other activities (for example, a visit to the swimming pool after “work”). 토토사이트

So the sometimes exhausting tour finds a quite relaxed balance. Numerous restaurants offer the opportunity to take a break during the excursion in order to regain your strength.

Canoeing NRW: The best North Rhine-Westphalia canoe trips

#1: Pleister mill to Angelmodde

Length: 6.9 km

Duration: 4 hours

Required experience level: Beginners

In which period possible (season): Recommended between May and September

From the canoe station Pleistermühle, it goes on a leisurely tour through a natural area. The flow occurrence here is low. That’s why this tour is particularly suitable for newcomers.

Even if you are traveling upstream, best long range routers you usually do not notice this due to the weak current.

There is no need to move the canoes, as you can simply paddle back without having to worry about the current.

If the entire tour is too long for you, you can turn around and paddle back at any time. This is another plus point that makes this route so recommendable for freshly baked canoeists.

Afterward, a visit to the beer garden of the Pleistermühle is recommended. Here, a rustic beer garden ambiance awaits the visitors – a successful conclusion to a beautiful excursion by canoe.

#2: Rinteln to Vlotho

Length: 17.5 km

Duration: 4.5 hours

Required Experience Level: Advanced

In which period possible: Recommended between May and October

From the valley basin it goes through a dreamlike low mountain landscape downstream in the direction of Vlotho. The average flow speed of six km/h allows canoeists to cover the approximately 17.5 km in about four and a half hours. On the way, canoeists can expect winding paths through a dreamlike landscape.

From the water, you can see nature in its full splendour. On the way, you often meet anglers who try their luck in the course of the Weser. Due to the landscape, this tour is particularly suitable for relaxing and “clearing your head”.

On the route there are a few more points that every canoeist should consider:

Reed stands, overgrown bank sections, etc. should definitely be bypassed. Simply driving through the middle “on good luck” is to be avoided as far as possible.

Breaks are to be made at the specially marked rest areas and on the way you have to pay attention to a background noise that does not disturb the animal world.

Those responsible also point out that all garbage must be taken back and canoeing under the influence of alcohol is not tolerated.

#3: Wages to Porta Westfalica

Length: 17.8 km

Duration: 4.5 hoursRequired experience level: Beginners

In which period is possible: From April to October recommended

The tour from Löhne to Porta Westfalica is suitable for the whole family. Here the children can come along without hesitation, as there are no treacherous currents or other problems on the way. The canoeists are here on two rivers: Werre and Weser.

On the way, canoeists can expect a quiet natural landscape. From time to time a bird chirps past – otherwise usually not much will happen on the way. The peace and quiet that can be found on the approximately 18-kilometer route is the main reason why this canoe tour is so popular. Attention must be paid to the local driving rules.

This is especially true for people who are traveling outside of a guided tour in this area. If you paddle without a guide, you have to pay attention to the said rules without instructions from a third party.

# 4: Bad Salzuflen to Herford

Length: 7.4 km

Duration: 3.5 hours

Required Experience Level: Medium

In which period possible: From April to October recommended

From the start in Bad Salzuflen it goes through rapids, here the river is very fast on the way. Therefore, this tour is not suitable for beginners. For people who have completed some “easy” tours, the approximately 7.4 km long route should not be a problem despite the part with the rapids.

Once these have been overcome, there is nothing left that would put the route in the foreground in terms of difficulty. You paddle through a landscape that is characterized by fields and meadows.

Only in the area of rapids there is a bit of “action” – but everything is still in the normal range. If the rapids were also too difficult for canoeists with experience, the tour (in terms of experience level) should have been officially classified as “difficult”.

# 5: Fröndenberg to Schwerte

Length: 19.7 km

Duration: 5 hours

Required Experience Level: Medium

In which period possible: Recommended from March to November

Opposite the Aral petrol station in Fröndenberg it goes on the water. Then the tour starts, initially a little faster due to the stronger current in the area, in and around Fröndenberg. After a short time, however, the river becomes more leisurely and some peace returns.

It is strongly recommended to take a car for the canoes, as there are weirs on the way that have to be carried over. There are four pieces in number – but they should not be a problem with the help of a transport helper.

If you do not have any tools with you, you should consider turning back after part of the route. The distances for transfer are simply too long for some. In Schwerte there is the possibility to spend the night on a campsite. The next day you can start the way back.


In North Rhine-Westphalia you can experience a lot on a canoe. There are routes for all experience levels. From newcomers to old hands – everyone should be happy.

For many, the natural landscapes are the highlight of the tours, as there is no better place in nature to clear your head.

The route from Pleistermühle to Angelmodde can easily be used by newcomers. It is not too difficult, but at the same time, smartwatches for iphone it challenges the canoeists to such an extent that their overall driving skills improve.

The most difficult route presented in this article is the route from Rinteln to Flotho. The current here is so strong that the handling of the canoe must already be saddle-proof in order to enjoy the trip at all.

Those who only struggle to get from “A” to “B” will often have little pleasure in a certain route. We hope you enjoy canoeing in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Psst: If the routes are not enough for you, you should now also take a quick look at our article on canoeing in Germany.



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