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3 Reasons Why Your AirPods Keep Pausing

Apple AirPods are undoubtedly the best-selling wireless earbuds around the world. But, despite all the amazing features it offers, they do come with a number of challenges as well. One such challenge which unfortunately happens to affect a lot of users is “Why do my AirPods keep Pausing?”

Although there is no simple answer to why this happens, there is a widespread assumption that the Automatic Ear Detection feature is likely to be blamed. If that is the case for you then turning this feature off, and cleaning the proximity sensors might work. However, if the problem still persists, there is a lot more that needs to be done then. 

Clean The Proximity Sensors 

Dirty AirPods don’t only look gross but they begin to underperform and experience technical issues as well if not cleaned for long. As a result, using them can eventually become extremely frustrating. 

One major component inside the AirPods that get impacted the most because of dirt is proximity sensors.

If they are covered in earwax or dirt buildup, they begin to incorrectly judge if you are wearing the AirPods or not which then leads to the pausing issue.

The good thing is cleaning the AirPods is easier than you think.  All you have to do is take a cotton swab, a damp cloth, or an alcohol cleaning wipe (as that’s what Apple recommends) and wipe away all the dirt from the parts. This will make your AirPods shiny like new. 

Once you are done cleaning, your AirPods’ proximity sensors would start functioning like normal again. Even if it doesn’t fix the problem, keeping the AirPods clean is still a good idea. 

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Checking The Bluetooth Connection

If your iPhone is connected to multiple devices via Bluetooth, then your device may find it difficult to know which device it should send the audio to. 

For instance, when your iPhone is connected to AirPods and a Bluetooth speaker, there are chances that sometimes your device would send signals to the speaker and then to the AirPods simultaneously. 

Before you assume that your AirPods are simply broken or you need to change them, it is better to check if you’re connected to any other devices via Bluetooth.

Test Other Apps

Sometimes, it is not AirPods’ fault when your streaming media keeps pausing randomly. It can also be the app you are using to stream music or video. 

The pause may occur because of a spotty internet connection, a software glitch in a new update, or just a good old “electronic hiccup”.

Going through all these reasons would help you find out whether your streaming apps are the problem or do you need to check your AirPods instead. Read for Pacman 30th anniversary… 

As humans have a habit of assuming problems to be more complex than they really are, it is always recommended to go with checking the basics first. 

If nothing stated above works for you then maybe it is time to get the pods checked from Apple or buy an economical alternative like AirBuds Pro. 

We hope the guide works for you!

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