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Basics of Bicycle Shopping- A Western Cycle Guide

The ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic have left us claustrophobic and in dire need of the great outdoors. But escaping the four walls only to then be inside a fuel-driven car is hardly what “experiencing nature” means. At the same time, there’s only so far you can go by foot. If you want to experience the great outdoors while not exhausting your feet within the first five minutes, a bicycle is the best of both worlds. 

Understandably, many who are desperate to come out and enjoy a healthy bout of nature are becoming victims to the lack of knowledge about bicycles and most of all, their comfort levels, having never ridden one. We, at Western Cycle, do not want you to repeat the same mistake. So, in this guide, we have narrowed down a few ABCs of purchasing a bike. Take a look:

Don’t Settle Without a Test Ride

You might have landed the most aesthetic bad boy in the store but how a bicycle truly fits or handles will only be clear when you take a test ride. And a test ride does not mean a simple pedaling around the nearest parking lot; it means really testing it. 

Don’t Compromise 

Don’t like the way the coolest looking bicycle handles? It is prudent to look some more. If the bicycle doesn’t quite fit right? Don’t settle for it just because you are in for a sweet deal. You will possibly own the bicycle for years to come, and spend hours on it. So, comfort always takes precedence.

Go for a Bicycle that Aligns with Your Riding Goals

Be transparent to yourself about the type of riding you are planning to do, and focus on those core strengths as a basis of your bicycle shopping. A pure race bicycle might give you the competitive edge on a race track, but it won’t necessarily be the most comfortable buy. Oftentimes bicycles require modifications to work as you want it to, and components swaps can get expensive. So, if you are thinking of getting a bicycle now and swapping out parts later, try to look some more for bicycles that are more along the likes of your preference, unless of course the modifications are minute.

Don’t Pass on the Accessories

Prospective riders often budget a specific amount for a brand new bicycle, but do a hard pass on the accompanying accessories. This will cost you more than you can imagine because all it takes is one bad day. At the very least, walk out with some quality shorts that feature chamois padding, a helmet, a floor bump, some headlights, and bottle cages. It’s best if you throw in some spare tire levers, tubes, and a small pump/ cartridges and C02 inflators.

Trying to find the bicycle you need but hitting a dead end time and again? You haven’t tried us. At Western Cycle, we pride ourselves for our expansive bicycle and riding accessories collection. Our friendly staff is always there to assist you with your queries. Hit us up today to know more!



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