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Apply These 8 Secret Techniques to Improve Folding Boxes

Folding boxes, also known as product boxes, are paperboard packs primarily used for packaging individual products (e.g., fragrances, candles, and beauty products). These boxes usually have tuck flaps on one or both ends of the box. These are ideal for storing fragile or heavier products. And you can customize them with print on the outside or inside, giving you the best image to share for your brand.

Why Folding Boxes?

A folding box is the most common packing material in the industry. This product is all about paperboard, cardboard, or plastic. It’s lightweight and versatile. Folding packs are good for packing fragile items that are easily damaged during shipping and handling. E-commerce sellers or manufacturers often choose them. The users of these boxes want to ensure that their products arrive safely to their customers without any damage.

Following are some techniques to increase the product’s value through folding.

Using the Correct Size of Box

Use the correct size of the box when making your fold lines so that they will fit snugly into each other when you shut them up. Ensure the container has enough strength and rigidity to hold its shape when you fold it up. If you use uneven cardboard, make sure the flaps are completely glued down before folding. Take maximum surety in packing to ensure they won’t come off in transit. Please ensure no gaps between the folds of your boxes when you shut them up so that nothing can be damaged.

Selecting a Unique Color Combination

Choose a color with enough contrast between individual pieces of your product and box. It is necessary to ensure your product doesn’t get mixed up with any other items in your business. The best way to ensure your box and design are good is to use simple shapes and colors that people can see from a distance. Choose a color not commonly found in the market to make your packaging stand out.

The best method to achieve this is to pick a color that works well with your brand identity and stands out in the market.

Using High-Quality Materials

Use high-quality materials to make your custom folding boxes strong. You should also ensure that the boxes are well-packaged to protect them from dust and damage during transit. Using high-quality materials will help your brand stand out against its competitors. It will help if you consider using eco-friendly materials like paper and biodegradable packing tape.

Using Flaps Instead of Tabs 

Boxes with tabs tend to break off more easily. Tabs also require more time and effort for the customer to remove the contents from their package, which makes them less appealing. They usually have a hanging tab with a punch card hole and a lock tab for added security. Tabs can also be made in gloss, metallic, and lamination coating. While they also have a unique design, perfect for short-run packaging. Instead, use flaps that fold down like handles when you use them. This makes it easier for buyers to open up their packages without tearing anything apart.

Using a Strong Box for the Safety of Product

When you use a strong box, it’s important to reinforce the sides with strips of cardboard. So that it doesn’t tear when they fold over on itself; this will keep the box from collapsing under pressure from heavy objects inside.

You can reinforce the bottom of your box by placing a piece of plywood or cardboard on top of the existing base before adding items to the box. This will help prevent breaking and bending while also providing extra strength.

Using Customization to Enhance Product Quality

Printed Folding boxes are supposed to look clean and professional but can also be boring. A little folding can go a long way toward making your packages more visually appealing. Try folding the top flaps down at different angles or making the sides meet at a point at the bottom rather than just meeting straight across.

Use a variety of shapes and sizes for Folding Boxes.

If you’re starting or don’t have much money to invest in packaging, try using different shapes and sizes for your boxes. You can create great-looking packaging using square and rectangular-shaped boxes and small ones.

Increasing Compression Strength of the Box

If you want to enhance the durability and quality of folding boxes wholesalethe best way is to work on their compression strength. Compression strength is the ability of an object to resist crushing under pressure. The higher its compression strength, the more resistant it is to destruction. Compression strength depends on both the material (cardboard) and the thickness of the cardboard. For example, if you double the thickness of a cardboard box, its compression strength will increase by about 50%.

Seal Your Product Properly

Don’t use tape that’s too thin. If packing tape is used to seal your box, make sure it isn’t too thin. Or else you won’t be able to close the flaps properly once everything is inside. Use packing tape to seal the box. When packing, use packing tape to close your box shut. This will prevent dirt from getting inside of it and keep moisture and air out so that it doesn’t go bad while in transit.


Folding boxes are a great option for customers who want to try out a new type of packaging without committing to the expense of a full-scale production run. They’re an ideal choice for retailers, but they can also be tricky to make. However, you could be wasting time and money if you’re not careful. So, if you are looking for techniques to improve your folding box, kindly keep the above information in mind.



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