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Why White Postal Boxes Are the Best for Your Packaging Needs

High-quality white postal boxes are not only strong and light but also flexible. This sleek box has a hinged lid and extra security flaps that present your products beautifully. They are fully customisable to a company’s look by having their text, logos, and visuals printed on the packaging. Customised mailing boxes are helpful for e-commerce and subscription brands. Also, these mailers are constructed entirely from recycled paper. They easily decompose in your backyard compost and break down by nature. Thus, you can wow your customers using eco-friendly packaging instead of plastic boxes.

White postal boxes are made up of corrugated material that keeps the products safe inside. The white colour itself has value for many different brands. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can elevate the overall look. White boxes also provide the best canvas for printing, allowing colours to pop. There are many other reasons why these white shipping boxes are so useful. Some of them are discussed below:

White Postal Boxes: Lightweight and Secure

The top benefit of printed postal boxes is that they are lightweight. They don’t occupy much room and are light enough to be easily transported. Customers will have a pleasant unboxing experience because they are lightweight and portable. The flaps of the boxes prevent contents from slipping out and keep them in their place. Secure white postal boxes are made from durable corrugated cardboard. Thus, they are extremely strong and do not crush or damage. They are perfect for shipping small and lightweight products. But you can also use them to ship heavier objects by increasing the paperboard thickness.

Produces Striking Colour Contrasts

White packaging with colour printing always looks better than brown Kraft. The white base of custom postal boxes brings out the hues. The colours pop and look more accurate when printed on white boxes. Colours tend to be muted when printing on Kraft. In addition to whites and pastels, dark hues like navy, brown, and black print well on it. It’s possible that different hues won’t be as noticeable on brown Kraft. But, you can get any colour you like, without fear of having it clash with the white cardboard. They all look fantastic and complement the colours you use for your company.

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Since most cardboard packages are made from recycled materials, they are also good for the environment. Cardboard is one of the materials that leave the least harm on the environment. Cardboard takes 60% less oil to make and gives off 60% less carbon dioxide in contrast to alternative materials. It is also fully biodegradable and recyclable. It can break down completely in less than a year. You can pack any product inside without fearing your brand’s environmental effects.

White Postal Boxes: An Advertising Tool

In comparison to unprinted brown boxes, simple white postal packaging is easier on the eyes. White is a simple and inexpensive approach to make your brand stand out, especially if you don’t use bespoke printing. If you often ship your customers plain Kraft cardboard boxes, a white one will stand out instantly. However, you can also use custom printed boxes as a promotional tool. You can print them with your company’s colours, logo, or other vital details. If people see these products on a neighbour’s doorstep or in a delivery person’s hands, they’ll remember your company.

Cost Effective 

Custom postal boxes undoubtedly give off a high-end appearance, but they are cost-efficient. Their primary manufacturing materials, paper and cardboard, are quite cheap. There are many packaging suppliers available in the market. You can get these materials at quite reasonable prices from them. Moreover, suppliers of packaging materials must ensure that their pricing is reasonable due to the materials’ high demand. Packaging companies mostly offer free shipping and design services on bulk orders.

A Memorable Unboxing Experience

You may print full-colour designs across the entire box using white cardboard for maximum brand exposure. You can give an exciting unboxing experience by printing on both the inside and exterior of the box. White custom boxes give customers the impression that their goods are of higher quality and value. If you want to flood-print in your preferred Pantone colour, white cardboard boxes are a must. Customers love these personalised custom boxes and expect nothing less from businesses. Because opening a mailer box is like unwrapping a present, many people like doing so. You can increase the thrill of opening a package by including extra materials like fillers, inserts, or custom artwork. You can customise the boxes as per your desire to give a high-end unwrapping experience in line with your brand.

Finally, we can say that white postal boxes are best for most of your packaging needs. These boxes are preferable for those brands that want to market their products. So, they can use the white base of the boxes to print anything related to their brand. Customers can easily recognise your products from many other similar products.



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