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Afraid of Water Damage? Follow Tips by a Phone Repair Store

The worst thing that might happen with a cell phone that worries every user is that the device accidentally falls in the water. This unfortunate event can cause various issues with the mobile device. Many people get confused and panic when they drop their devices in the water. They should stay calm and immediately take the gadgets to a phone repair store.

Phone Repair Store Technicians Search for Water Damage Signs

When you take your devices to a phone repair shop, the technicians will observe some signs that indicate damage to the device. Sometimes the experts will inform the users about the signs mentioned below; so that difference between water damage and other issues can be made.

Gadget Screen has Water Present

The mechanics at gadget repair stores will look thoroughly into the device. First, the protective cover is removed, and the water is dried. If the bubbles disappear after cleaning, the moisture is only on the screen and doesn’t penetrate deep into the device.

Charging Issues with the Gadget

Water can penetrate a cell phone through the headphone socket or the charging port. The device users need to know to what extent the phone has charging issues. This will determine to which level water has penetrated the device. If the device cannot charge, it means water has reached deep into the device.

Cell Phone Repair Store Technicians Checking for Color Changing Indicator

The mobile devices available today have their batteries fixed inside the phone. So, to check for a liquid damage indicator, the technicians have to open the whole device. If the strip changes into a darker color, the device has been damaged by water.

Water Damage Prevention Tips at a Cell Phone Repair Center

New and old users can face the issue of water penetration into their devices. Sometimes the intensity of the damage is so worse that the repairs have no effect. The only resort seems to be replacing the device. But a few tips by repair shops like iDevice Pros will ensure that the gadget is saved from damage.

Turn your Gadget Off Immediately

Cell phone users often forget to turn off their devices, and water damages the running device more. As soon as you take the device far away from water, switch off the gadget to prevent further damage.

Removing Everything from the Device

Before you send your device to a cell phone store, you should ensure that everything, including battery, air pods, data transfer cable, headphones, memory, and SIM card, is removed.

Make Attempts to Dry the Device

The batteries of most cell phones today can’t be removed; so the best thing that has to be done is to take the device to a cell phone repair store; so that the technicians can open the device, remove the battery, and dry it up. The mobile users must also attempt to dry the devices if the battery can be removed. They can use different items to dry the gadgets like silica gels, cotton wipes, and towels. Don’t try to use things like rice, as it will only absorb moisture from the outer casing.

Attempt to Switch on the Device

The technicians at a phone repair store will advise device users to switch on the gadget to see how much damage the device has suffered. The clients can also try to charge the phone to check its functioning after ensuring that the phone has completely dried.

These are the important tips that cell phone users focus on the water damage tips to save their devices from getting further destroyed.



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