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5 Ways to Utilize The Power of UX Design

eCommerce has appeared as a business opportunity in various sectors. Having said that, the recently created golden-concepts, an online e-commerce platform offering aged medical supplies, is an excellent example of e-commerce in healthcare. Golden Concepts offers a diverse selection of items ranging from adult diapers to wheelchairs. 

To penetrate into healthcare eCommerce, you need to focus on the UX design of your product. 

A good user experience demands more than simply a visually appealing design. It entails numerous components working together to assist visitors in navigating a site and achieving their task in the most effective way possible. Every aspect, from the web app structure to the product specifications, must be optimized with the UX design in mind.

Do you want to learn more? Let’s go through 9 unique and very straightforward techniques to improve your eCommerce user experience or UX.

Make Full Use of Announcement Banners 

When you want to travel somewhere but don’t know how to get there, you use maps, right? Because maps show you how to go to your target location.

Assume you are a user who is viewing a web app or mobile app for the first time. You have no idea where to go, where to find the goods you want to buy, or how to sign up for a service. If you see a sign that reads “%50 off last season’s items,” you should check it out, even if you had a different purchase in mind initially.

Informing your visitors about promotions, discounts, and special deals will boost your conversion rates, and your website design is crucial in this regard.

When necessary, don’t be hesitant to update and modify your eCommerce UX design, and always add a website announcement banner.

Easy Navigation on Home Page 

Several eCommerce UI/UX design ideas are currently regarded as best practices. We will simply cover the essential ones rather than delving into all of them.

According to Hick’s Law, the more options a user has, the longer it will take them to perform a task. With this concept in mind, it’s a good idea to make sure your homepage or landing page gives the fewest number of options.

Don’t overload your users with information. Pop-ups, forms, and a smorgasbord of links may appear to give visitors more options, but they are really slowing them down.

Display Relevant Call to Action 

When a visitor comes to your home page, greet them with relevant content and explicit calls to action (CTAs). A huge banner image that matches the current season or a special event, along with a suitable CTA, assists the user in moving to the next stage in the purchasing process. Avoid using general terms like “get started” in CTAs because they don’t properly communicate to the user what happens next.

During the Christmas season, Polaroid produced a successful CTA by assisting consumers who were shopping for gifts. Rather than a general term, Polaroid chose “Shop Gifts, ” rather than a general term,” indicating that the user will be sent to a site section with gift choices.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalized product suggestions may assist you in directing customers to the proper items while also allowing them to find new ones, thereby improving their average order value and generating a better user experience. It’s similar to having a customer service agent provide product recommendations.

For example, under a section named “Customers who bought this item also bought…”, you can offer product suggestions that display related goods to the one the consumer is seeing.

Upselling and cross-selling items is another excellent approach to leverage suggestions in your UX design. To upsell, show visitors similar higher-quality items, and to cross-sell, present related products that can enhance the product experience. A pair of eyelashes, for example, may be easily applied with eyelash adhesive and tweezers.

Integrate A Save to Wishlist Option 

Adding items to the basket might be a significant commitment for some people. They may like a product but wish to continue looking for other goods to compare towards the end. Or perhaps they are unsure and wish to keep goods for a later date. Whatever the reason, allowing customers to save things before making a purchase helps them to shop easily without feeling rushed to make a choice.

Wrapping Up! 

eCommerce has become a necessity in your daily life. As a result, eCommerce has become a viable method of conducting global and local trade, especially in healthcare.

There is a possibility for fresh startup enterprises, but you will be competing against some well-established competitors. People nowadays are willing to quit a website at the first sign of a slow-loading image or a broken link.

The basics are no longer sufficient; you must use eCommerce UX design best practices. You must go above and beyond simple functionality to provide something exceptional that makes your clients feel special.

Building a solid User Experience is one approach to guarantee you have a fighting chance.



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