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Advancing Infusion Care Excellence at AIS Healthcare

AIS Healthcare, a premier provider of targeted drug delivery (TDD) and infusion therapy, is committed to advancing clinical excellence and patient safety. As a leader in infusion care solutions across the post-acute continuum, AIS Healthcare leverages its expertise to optimize infusion outcomes.

Specializing in In-Home and Outpatient Infusion

AIS Healthcare operates over 60 dedicated infusion centers nationwide that facilitate immunoglobulin (IG) therapy and other infusion treatments for older adults. The company’s infusion care teams also provide in-home infusion services, allowing vulnerable patients to receive necessary IV medications without leaving their residences.

For both in-home and outpatient options, AIS Healthcare’s specialized model of care promotes optimal infusion therapy. Customized protocols and additional monitoring ensure patient comfort and safety. Integrated pharmacy services enable seamless access to infusion medications. Ongoing staff education and training cultivate leading expertise in geriatric infusion care.

Outstanding Patient Safety Record  

Patient well-being is the top priority for AIS Healthcare’s infusion services. The company celebrates World Patient Safety Day each September to reaffirm its commitment to harm prevention and risk reduction.

Through rigorous quality assurance practices, AIS Healthcare maintains an impeccable patient safety track record. Its in-home and outpatient infusion programs demonstrate infection rates far below national benchmarks. This stellar performance reflects the company’s steadfast focus on patient-centered care.

Investing in Growth and Innovation

Even with its current industry leadership in senior infusion care, AIS Healthcare continues to seek opportunities to do more. The company is expanding access to high-quality infusion therapy by opening new outpatient centers in high-need areas.

Additionally, AIS Healthcare is piloting telehealth applications to enable remote infusion monitoring and optimization. The company is also developing mobile infusion programs to deliver care to rural communities.

These investments in strategic growth demonstrate AIS Healthcare’s dedication to reaching vulnerable patient populations through innovation.

Recognizing and Empowering Pharmacy Partners

AIS Healthcare’s exemplary infusion care relies on solid pharmacy collaboration. During National Pharmacy Week, the company celebrates its pharmacy team members who help ensure medication safety and seamless therapy management.

AIS Healthcare empowers its pharmacy partners to provide optimal pharmaceutical care through:

– Comprehensive on-site pharmacy services at infusion centers

– Specialized protocols and formularies for geriatric patients

– Seamless integration and coordination with infusion care teams

– Use of analytics to identify opportunities for improved outcomes

– Continuous training to uphold expertise in senior care pharmacy

By valuing pharmacists as essential partners in quality infusion care, AIS Healthcare promotes better medication therapy for vulnerable older adults.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

As a leading infusion therapy provider, AIS Healthcare is optimistic about the future and the Company’s potential for impact. Through expertise, specialization, and innovation, AIS Healthcare will continue advancing the standard of care for infusion patients across the post-acute continuum. The company’s dedication to clinical excellence and patient safety will remain central to its vision of empowering better health.



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