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4 Tips For Starting a New Exercise Routine Over 70

No one said that the only time you get in shape is in your younger years.  The truth is that plenty of seniors well over the age of 70 embark on an exercise routine later in life.  Not only will you find your body’s chemistry and appearance changes significantly after introducing an exercise routine, but you’ll also find increased energy and morale. 

However, incorporating a new exercise routine into your life can be tricky. It doesn’t come without risks of injury, especially over a certain ag.  To help you, here are some of the best tips for your new exercise routine over 70.

Start Slow 

As eager as you might be to get into shape as quickly as possible it’s important that you move slowly into your new routine. Gradually start exercises and slowly increase intensity as you go.  Not only will this help you avoid injury, but it will also allow your body time to adapt, decreasing your chances of soreness. 

If you go too intensely too quickly, it could affect the continuation of your workout. After all, if you’re so in pain that you can barely stand, then how do you expect to stay consistent with your workout routine? 

Consult With Your Doctor

Before you get into any kind of rigorous workout routine, it’s important that you ask your doctor for their consent you may have certain pre-existing medical conditions that you should consider before starting a new exercise. They’ll be able to guide you on the best exercises to follow, and the ones to avoid.

Above all, they can give you tailored advice to adjust your workout to your specific concerns and situation.

Don’t Forget Strength Training

All too often, novice athletes focus heavily on cardio and forget the importance of incorporating strength as well. Strength is an important part of including every muscle group, and improving your stamina. A healthy combination of cardio mixed with strength will give you the maximum results for your efforts.

If possible, consider hiring a personal trainer who can help guide you on the right postures. Otherwise, you risk not only injuring yourself but potentially working the wrong muscle groups and not getting the results you’re after.

Choose Exercises You Enjoy

Many people dive into an exercise routine only to find that they don’t stay consistent with it. Unfortunately, this leads to a waste of time, and ultimately going back to the same habits. If you hope to stay consistent and get in shape, then you must choose a workout routine that you actually enjoy. 

If working out is something you dread, then it’s only a matter of time until you give it up. As the age-old saying goes, do something you’ll love and you’ll never work a day again in your life. The same applies to exercise. When you choose a workout that you actually find entertaining, you’ll be that much more motivated to keep going.



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