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A Comprehensive Guide to Modernising & Safe Proofing Your Bathroom

Your health and safety in everyday life are of the utmost priority and what is more, whilst residing in your own home, you need to feel confident and secure, especially when you are in the bathroom.

Whether you are experiencing issues moving around your home and are looking for effective and affordable ways to transform your experience of bathing and dressing more easily in the morning, or else are simply searching for ways to modernise the aesthetics, then you have clicked on the right article.

Here, for your information and a source of inspiration in bathroom design, is a comprehensive guide to modernising and safe-proofing your bathroom.

Focus on Bathroom Storage

Although, upon the first read, this may not seem a priority, rethinking your bathroom storage function could make a huge difference to both the aesthetics of your bathroom and also the safety element when it comes to moving around the room.

Bending down to, for example, reach the shampoo or conditioner or replace a toilet roll, can not only put added strain on a person who has problems with such bodily manoeuvres but also amplify the risk of tripping and falling.

Mounting shower caddys and baskets to the wall to hold essential toiletries and having the shampoo and shower gel in a soap dispenser on the wall is both neater and tidier, but also a lot safer.

Water Temperature Regulation

In the most luxurious and high-end bathroom suites, there is not simply an option to turn the water from hotter to colder as required, but an option of setting the exact temperature required, the beauty of which being that this provides a more personal bathing and showering experience.

Fortunately, you no longer need to rip out the intestines of your bathroom to achieve this modern ability, and instead, you could invest in an electronic water regulation system. Usually, such pieces of equipment come with a built-in waterproof radio system and even news and information updates from your favourite websites too.

Grab Rails Around the Perimeter

Usually, when you think about grab rails, you are likely to conjure an image in your mind of thick, grey, and cylindrical rails around the entirety of the room and perhaps such a picture does not instantly make you think of a modern aesthetic.

However, these days, grab rails are not only still one of the safest additions to a bathroom for users with a reduced level of mobility, but also, from suppliers, such as beautifulbathroom.net, come in a seemingly endless array of different designs, patterns, and installation options. Some even come with built-in heating systems, so you can hang your towels to dry and can aesthetically compliment the rest of your bathroom décor.

Replace Your Bathroom Rugs & Mats

There is nothing worse than standing barefoot on a cold, tiled bathroom floor, especially in the early morning of a cold winter’s day, so presumably, you already have pre-existing bathroom mats and rugs on the floor.

However, one of the cheapest possible ways to inject a new lease of life into your bathroom’s design aesthetic, not to mention eradicate any damp smells from overused mats, is to replace your rugs and mats with brand-new ones.

This decision will not only add a splash of modern colour to the bathroom but also, if you are someone who sometimes finds it tricky to stand for long periods and worries about tripping and falling, non-slip suction bath rugs will serve a dual purpose.

Get Rid of the Shower Curtain

Finally, however functional you believe your current shower curtain to be and however much you feel as if it adds to both the privacy level and functionality of your bathroom, the fact of the matter is that shower curtains are not only outdated but also proven to be unsafe.

It is, therefore, strongly advisable to eradicate the need for a shower curtain altogether, and instead, opt for a thicker and more study bamboo material covering or, if you do find yourself with the money to justify it, investigate installing a walk-in wet room instead.

Wet rooms provide a plethora of advantages to a modern and safe bathroom, including saving space in a smaller room, heightened levels of accessibility, and much easier maintenance moving forward.



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