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10 important things you need to know about the ABHA card

21st September 2021 was the day that saw the commencement of the Ayushman Bharat Health Mission (ABDM) to provide the citizens of India with a platform wherein they could digitally access and store their health records. The people who choose to register themselves on the app and the platform can reap the benefits of the paradigm shift in the healthcare ecosystem with the digitization of medical records. 

The ABHA scheme is still new to the people of India. Not everyone is completely aware of how this works. Here are 10 important things that can help you become more cognizant of its workings and benefits:

  1. What it is – This card is a 14-digit unique health ID number that you can register for. This online platform can help you store and access all your medical documents and information so that you can view them whenever you need to or share the details with a healthcare professional, insurance agent, or any other person you wish to. 
  2. Its benefits – Along with access to medical information like tests, diagnoses, prescriptions, etc, you can also share your information by giving them the 14-digit number that you had been assigned when you generated your Ayushman card. This can help doctors and hospitals view your records beforehand so that the necessary treatments can be done without missing out on any information. 
  3. How you can apply – You can use your Aadhar Card, phone number, or driving license to create your Ayushman card. If you use your license, you will need to obtain an enrolment number from the ABDM portal. Physical documents may not be required for ABHA Health ID; you will just need the above-mentioned details.
  4. Who can apply for it – Any citizen of India who wishes can apply for their ABHA cards. There is no restriction in terms of sex, state, socio-economic status, etc. Additionally, the process can be completed online so that people do not have to wait in long queues to apply for the card. 
  5. What does it cost – The application and registration for this health ID will not cost you anything. The aim was to make healthcare accessible for everyone in India and the facility of it being free of cost helps the government and the people achieve the same.
  6. How can you access it – You can access this card on the online website or even the Cowin application. You can also use the official Ayushman Bharat mobile application or third-party websites like Paytm. These portals will also help you create your ID
  7. Where is it applicable – Your unique 14-digit health ID will be applicable across India. This means that even when you travel, all you will need is this number which would be exclusive to you to view and share your health records at any point in time.

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  1. Professional services associated with it – Along with you being able to view a list of the Healthcare Professional Registry which is a compilation of the details of all doctors in India – both government and private, you will also be able to avail of Ayurvedic, Yoga/Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) services across India.
  2. Deletion and deactivation – The process of opting for this card is completely voluntary. You can choose to create this ID whenever you wish. Only with your consent will the information be shown to anyone else. You can also revoke your consent from certain people if you wish to. Additionally, you can also deactivate your account if you feel the need to.
  3. Safety – The government of India has taken several measures to ensure that the highest level of coding, encryption, and security goes behind the formation of this portal. It is highly secure and will not be susceptible to tampering. The security features are also being upgraded regularly, which safeguards your information even in the long run. 
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This can guide you to know the basic and most important things about the Ayushman Bharat Card. With more information, you will be able to understand what the advantages of having this card would be, and therefore, you will be able to take an informed decision about whether you would like to create it. Any other questions or concerns can also be checked out on the official page where you can find some more information about other details. Educating yourself and your family members will be a step towards having a better healthcare system for all.



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