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8 Outdoor Kitchen Essentials to Consider

Outdoor kitchens are unique spaces for party purposes. If you are a party freak and love inviting friends in your beautiful paradise, then you must enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor kitchen.

Since an outdoor kitchen is an open space, it leaves enough room for your guests to gravitate from one station to another, eating, talking and enjoying, without snarling up the place with foot traffic.

Well, most of the outdoor kitchens have basic stuff like a sink and food preparing area. Yes, these things are enough to prepare meals occasionally, but if you frequently use your outdoor kitchen to host parties or mini family gatherings, you would want to be the part of tittle-tattle rather than being inside the home and cooking the main course for the guests.

So, without needing to rush into your indoor kitchen, here are some of the outdoor kitchen essentials you must invest in-

1) Barbecue-Barbecuing is the most common thing in outdoor parties so doesn’t make your friends question you about the barbecue. Install a barbecue in your outdoor kitchen for your friends and family to roast and grill chicken, fish and whatever they like. Barbecues make fantastic places for friends to stand together, prepare food and have a little chitchat.

2) Cabinetry-Your outdoor kitchen requires storage space for storing food items, cutlery, spices, and anything you want to keep. Therefore, go for installing cabinets. The cabinet material depends on the type of kitchen you have and the area it’s located in. If it lies under the hood, then consider your cabinets to be saved from environmental factors; otherwise, install the ones that are least affected by the changing weather such as aluminium or vinyl.

3) Icemaker- Who would purchase the ice bags every time they host a party? Well, no party is complete without cocktails, mocktails and chilled beers. So, don’t make your guests wait for the ice to freeze; instead, install an icemaker.

4) Oven- Oven is a must-have for baking, roasting and heating things, saving your time.

5) Patio bar- Patio bar could be created near the outdoor kitchen with box stools to one side of the island with the island containing a counter space for storing and preparing food, sink with cold and hot water, beer tap, coffee and tea space, icemaker and the oven installed in the island. A patio bar can make your outer kitchen look modular, thereby easing the usage of things.

6) Ample lighting- Don’t forget to include lighting in your outdoor kitchen since most of the parties will be hosted during the dusk hour. You can deploy task lights near workstations to bring some ease. Besides, lighting will set the mood and change the vibe of your outdoor kitchen.

7) Music and greenery- With modern lighting fixtures, why not add sweet music that will enhance the vibe and make cooking even more fun? Where music and lights can uplift the mood, adding accessories and greenery will further improve the appearance of the place.

8) Trash bins- Don’t forget about the leftovers and the party trash. You wouldn’t want to litter your garden or your outdoor kitchen to look messy with the junk. Therefore, install trash bins to throw kitchen waste and party leftovers in it, keeping the place look organized.



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