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How to Source the Best Secondary School in Bangkok: What you Need to Know

A child’s education begins at around 4 years old, when they are first exposed to group scenarios in a very controlled environment, then it’s time to move into the first of 2 stages of formal academic education; namely primary and secondary levels. The primary section are Years 1-6, with secondary school being Year 7 to Year 12, and it is the latter that is vital for a successful entrance into university, which should lead to a BA. 

What Makes a Good Secondary School?

This is a question on many parents’ minds and there are numerous things to look for when touring secondary schools.

  • Does the school teach the British Curriculum?
  • Does the school hire teachers from the UK?
  • Does the school have adequate facilities to accommodate IGCSE?
  • Are the students happy?

Finding the best IGCSE school in Bangkok is not an issue, Google can bring up a list of international schools in Bangkok and you can take it from there.

Booking a Tour

Take your time browsing school websites, reading their mission statements to get a clear picture of their idea of good education. Curriculum delivery is an essential component and the best learning outcomes are found with student-centred learning, which all international schools incorporate. If you would like to experience the campus, there should be a contact page where you can book a tour. It is never a good idea to simply turn up and expect to be shown around; tours are appointment based. You will get a conducted tour by the School Principal and preparing a few questions is always a good idea. Ask if you can sit in on a 6th form class and observe the teaching methods and take note of the students and their disposition. Happy students are good learners and that has always been the case.

What Interests Does Your Child Have?

It is important to consider your child’s strengths and weaknesses; if, for example, your son excels at sports, then you should find a school where sports play a major role. If you think your child is tech-minded, look for a school that incorporates IT into the system, which will help with development. Click here for info on enrolling in an English course.

Include your Child in the Decision-Making Process

Your son or daughter is approaching their teens and should have a say in what school they study at; if they can visit the school and get a feel for the place, you will quickly learn how they feel about the campus. Encourage your child to ask questions and help them to become acquainted with the school and that should lead to a mutual agreement on school selection. Forcing a child to study at a school is never going to be successful and we must respect their opinion at this age.

There are quite a few international schools in Bangkok and with a sound understanding of what makes a good school, you can make the right decision.


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