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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Gold Coins Today

In these times of economic and political instability, investing in gold bullion has become an attractive option for many people. While many investors simply buy gold bullion to hedge against inflation, experienced bullion investors can make money by timing the market just right and knowing when to sell for a profit or a sizeable return on their investment. If you are looking to add gold to your investment portfolio and want to learn more about gold coins, consider the following:

1. You can start with a small investment – If you decide to invest in gold coins, you can dip your feet in the water before jumping in by buying small gold coins. Develop the collection gradually according to your capacity and interest in this form of investment. For as little as a thousand dollars, you can start investing in gold coins today and start building your future fortune.

2. Gold coins have historically been a good investment — How well you will do with your investment in gold coins depends on your skill in selecting the right coins and on market forces. However gold investors are aware that the best way to realize their return on investment they have is to stay far from numismatic coins but rather put their money in bullion.

3. Supply is limited – this is the main reason why gold coins or bars are so successful as an investment This limited supply is followed by an ever-increasing demand for gold coins. Gold buyers look for coins that are in mint condition.

4. Gold coins are easy to sell – Liquidity is an important factor in any investment and gold bullion coins are easier to sell than gold bullion bars. There are no delays in the sales process. You will receive payment immediately. Bullion is always in demand. It does not get value from its historical significance or rarity.

5. You can more easily segment your sales – If you have large gold bars then it’s all or nothing when you think about selling. However, if you have a lot of gold bullion coins, you can easily withdraw any amount you want to sell and keep the balance intact. If you have gold bullion coins like The Canadian Maple or The South African Krugerrands, these coins can be sold anywhere in the world. It won’t matter where the transaction takes place, the price will be the same anywhere in the world.

6. Gold bullion coins are safe and easy to store – When you buy gold, you should think about storage. Gold coins can be stored in a safety deposit box in a bank or any place that is safe and easy to access.

The bullion market is very liquid and not as complex as the numismatic market. It is easy to understand. For a large majority of precious metal investors, it is better to invest in gold bullion instead of numismatic coins because bullion does not have a complex value proposition. The costs are very transparent. The bullion market is bigger than the numismatics market. To make things worse, the collectible market is a specialized market. If you are not an expert, then stick to bullion.



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