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4 Different 10mm Ammo Loads

10mm ammo

Whether you’re looking for a new handgun or just a backup, 10mm ammo can offer a lot of versatility and performance. The following paragraphs will discuss four common 10mm loads: Barnes VOR-TX, Xtreme Hunter, and Hornady. The advantages and disadvantages of each type are discussed. You can choose the right load for your individual needs. We’ve tested several 10mm ammo loads and found them to be excellent.

Xtreme Hunter

Speer has developed an exclusive process to bond the jacket and core of the bullets to produce Xtreme Hunter ammo. Its bonded bullets feature the energy of 30-grain projectiles and should be sufficient enough to stop medium to large game. This round is perfect for self-defense as well as hunting small game. It has a great expansion and penetration rate. Here are some other benefits of this ammo:

Hydra Shok

The history of Hydra Shok ammo traces back to the mid-1980s. Its inventor, Thomas J. Burczynski, is a prolific inventor in the firearms industry. The revolutionary round features a hollow point bullet with no distinct tip, a hollowed-out center, and a post in the center. This bullet’s design makes it much more effective against targets, reducing the chances of overpenetration.

Barnes VOR-TX

The Barnes VOR-TX 10mm ammunition features a 155-grain lead-free hollow point bullet, which is designed for maximum stopping power and deep penetration. It is also loaded with a new, non-corrosive primer for improved accuracy and uniformity. This ammunition is non-corrosive and is packaged in boxer-primed reloadable brass cases.


When you want to shoot with precision, consider purchasing Hornady 10mm ammo. With excellent expansion and power, this ammunition is perfect for self defense or hunting small game. They are manufactured by Hornady and are available at great prices. Here are some benefits of Hornady 243 ammo

Federal XTP

When it comes to hunting ammo for.10 caliber pistols, Federal XTP is one of the best options. This ammunition features bonded solids bullets that penetrate over three feet. It also has a relatively low recoil, making it an excellent choice for practice and target shooting. It also performs well in animal defense, but it’s not designed for grizzly bears.



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