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5 Signs Your Car Needs a Battery Replacement

The battery is an essential part of your vehicle. It powers the engine and other components of your car. If your vehicle’s battery is not working how, it should, don’t expect your vehicle to function accurately.

How would it feel if your car’s engine didn’t start when you were leaving a party at midnight or even leaving the office? Quite frustrated, right? Maybe you could not detect the signs that your car’s battery will go down someday. If yes, then this article is for you! Learn to spot these five signs and prevent your car’s battery from failing.

1) If You Have Trouble Starting Your Car- It may happen that your car has difficulty starting when you try to start it, which means your car battery requires replacement. Usually, the life span of the car battery is from 3-5 years, and if you reside in some cold area, it affects your car. When the car’s battery weakens, you may hear some clicking sounds while starting the engine. It happens because the battery doesn’t have enough energy to charge the starter and put your engine into gear. Therefore, you need not ignore these signs and get a battery replacement.

2) If You See Headlights Going Dim-

You may witness your vehicle’s headlights glowing dimly; this could be another sign that your car needs a battery replacement.

3) If You are Facing Strange Electrical Issues-

When the car batteries are weak, you may witness side effects tagging along; for example, the headlights glow dim, unable to start the car in one go, and some other problems. As car batteries reach their limit, they lose their charge capacity and, in turn, don’t emit enough energy to run various components.

The other much more severe issue could be if all the lights on the dashboard glow suddenly simultaneously and flicker. You must not ignore this warning sign and immediately take your car to the repair house and get the batteries replaced. Apart from the flickering lights, if you see the check engine lights of your engine are active, then you must take your car to a mechanic and get it checked.

4) If You Witness Sulphurous Odor-

A battery in good shape will not lead to any sort of odor or emit gases. If your car’s battery is way too old or an internal short has caused the gases to leak, then you must not ignore it.

Many people smell rotten eggs upon opening the hood of their car but ignore it, thinking it to be the smell of the electrical components. No, it is the smell of an overcharged or damaged battery and the gas they release, hydrogen sulfide. If you ignore it for longer, this gas can corrode other electrical components of your car, causing severe damage. Therefore, if you come across this situation, replace the car batteries and get your vehicle checked.

5) If Your Battery Has Corroded Connectors-

The problem with old batteries is that it forms white ash-like material on the metallic parts of the battery. This white material is developed due to corroded negative and positive terminals of the battery and can lead to voltage issues, further preventing your car from starting quickly. You need to inspect the batteries from time to time and look for these issues.



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