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6 Common Modifications and Upgrades For Police Cars

Although a police car may look like a regular car from the exterior with just a few modifications and flashy lights, most police vehicles are heavily modified for maximum performance, strength, and practicality.

To be used as a police vehicle, a car must be strong enough to withstand constant use throughout the day and switch from regular to top speeds in seconds while being fast enough to chase after criminals.

While not all police cars in a police department are used for intense situations, most of them include upgrades like:

High-performance Engine

Most police departments use V6 engines for the majority of their police cars. They also have modifications like cooling systems that prevent overheating from long-term use.

V6 engines provide an excellent balance because of their high performance and good fuel economy that police cars need to roam around all day. The rest of the police cars typically have a V8 engine which is stronger and more capable for high-speed chase incidents.

For marine vehicles, police also have modified marine engine mounts, among other upgrades that help them go faster than an average boat.

Heavy Duty Interior

The seats of a police vehicle are made heavy-duty to prevent wear and tear while keeping the officers comfortable and safe during missions. They must also hold firearms, gun belts, and other police equipment for quick and easy access.

Trunks and various other car panels are often modified to become lockers for weapons and different tactical equipment that the officers might not use daily. These weapons are only for specific emergencies and need to be secured otherwise.

Powerful Alternator

Police cars aren’t always used for high-speed criminal chases or emergencies. Most times, they are used to spending the day idling and driving at low speeds to watch neighborhoods and communities for protection.

That’s the reason why police cars require upgraded alternators to keep the vehicle running smoothly for long periods. It also needs to give power attachments like police lights, sirens, radio equipment, and laptops.

Bullet Proof Plating and Glass

Bulletproof glass covers all the front sides of a police vehicle. Police officers riding in the front seat are also protected from criminals in the back seat by bulletproof glass, and a steel mesh cage is designed to ensure their safety.

Steel plating is installed on police cars to make them more durable and protect against various threats.

Strengthened Suspension and Brakes

Police cars are much tougher and heavier than average civilian cars. Because of this, normal brake pads and suspension systems aren’t as effective and would wear far quicker.

That’s why police vehicles have reinforced and fortified suspension and brake systems to make them easier to control, stop, and maneuver.

Run-Lock Ignition Installed

Police computers are required to be on at all times in their vehicles, drawing a huge amount of battery power at all times. The run lock lets the car’s engine run without a key in the ignition. So, the engine immediately cuts off when someone tries to steal it and uses the parking brake.

The run lock allows secure, unguarded engine operation while also preventing the vehicle from being driven. It gives officers the peace of mind they need to leave their vehicles unattended in emergency situations. From more information, try this, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.



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