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4 Main Advantages of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting plays an important role in the metal fabrication industry because of the widespread process used in this industry. It is permanent when you want to shape small metal sheets and work with the complex assemblies of the metals. 

Many methods are used in metal fabrication; the more advanced method is laser cutting. If you use laser cutting for your fabrication industry, you need to know the benefits of the laser cutting machine. 

In this article, you will learn about the main advantages of the laser cutting machine. Keep reading the article!

1. Speed 

One of the major advantages of laser cutting is to cut the material more quickly than other cutting methods. In the previous decades, people used traditional methods to cut down metal and other types of material. 

Many industries use the laser to cut down metal and other materials. You need to know that laser cutting is a more advanced and reliable method than other traditional methods. Moreover, it is more helpful when you want to cut down complex metal. 

For instance, when you are going to cut the assemblies of the metal through the plasma or flame-cutting method, it will take a lot of time. On the other hand, laser cutting cuts the complex metal quicker than the above methods. 

2. Automation 

Laser cutting ensures the operator’s safety because it requires less manual work. It is time to, thanks to the technological advances that make the laser cutting machine more automated and reduce the intervention of humans. 

Now, machines are compatible with the CAD program, increasing speed, precision, and accuracy. Still, laser-cutting machines require an experienced operator to ensure operator and machine safety. The experienced operator will ensure quality and proper cutting. 

Laser cutting is more cost-effective than other methods. Hence, laser-cutting machines are being used in every industry due to their automation and speed. 

3. Contactless Cutting 

The next major advantage of the laser cutting machine is that it is contactless. Only the focus beam comes into contact with the laser cutting machine when using the laser cutting machine. Unlike other cutting methods, less friction leads to less wearing and tearing of the laser machine. 

You know that the laser machine works contactlessly, it will lower the workpiece distortion, wear and tear of the cutting tool, and other problems that can be common while using other traditional methods. Hence, the laser cutting machine will last longer because it is contactless. 

4. Energy Usage 

Finally, the major advantage of the laser cutting machine is the energy usage that is less than the other traditional methods. The efficiency and speed of the laser cutting machine will reduce energy usage and work efficiently. It will be less expensive than other methods of cutting. 

For instance, laser cutting machines will use 10kw power compared to other cutting methods that can use 50kw for cutting metals. If you are running the manufacturing industry, simply using the laser cutting machine will reduce your manufacturing process energy consumption to make your process more cost-efficient. 

Hence, you need to use the laser cutting machine when running the manufacturing industry.   



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