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Our first match of the night is Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater facing off with the Hart Dynasty. Once again, we get a short but still somewhat good match. Gabriel & Slater get the win after some miscommunication by the Hart Dynasty. We see R-Truth and Cena backstage, and John gives his friend the same answer that he has been giving everyone else concerning Survivor Series. Sheamus dares Santino Marella to face him in a rematch from last week’s Raw.

Santino comes out and makes up some bullshit excuse before Vladimir Kozlov comes out to fight in Santino’s place. He dares to say that Sheamus wwe title belts talks funny. I find this hilarious considering that you can’t understand Kozlov at all, you can barely understand Santino, and Sheamus does speak funny due to his Irish accent. After the horrible match is over, Sheamus stalks Santino up the ramp while Santino pulls out everything in his wallet to try and bribe Sheamus before pulling out a cheesebox. John Morrison comes out and saves Santino with a kick to the ribs, followed by a sick kick to the head of Sheamus, knocking him off the stage. R-Truth tells Orton that he believes.

The funny part of this match was that Cole was insulting Big Show during the beginning of the game but then promoted the Big Show’s movie Knucklehead. We get a pretty good game from them, but we are given a fuck finish when the Miz used the Money in the Bank briefcase. We get a video package of past guest hosts defending the WWE as a part of the Stand Up for the WWE campaign. Next, we have Barrett demeaning Cena by telling him he will clean the championship belt locker room and scrub his back after the match. Otenga tells him that he won’t be washing Barrett’s back after the game and that he would be raising his hand in victory, not Barrett’s, and thus we see some debate in Nexus. We Have Ted Biase facing Daniel Bryan, so we have Cole going to town on him verbally again.Cena will screw him out of the title at the pay-per-view.

Orton says we will see how Cena treats his friends tonight, and Truth agrees to be Randy’s partner. Next up, we get some dumb shit between Pee-wee Herman and Mark Henry. This is followed by diva twister, and the only good part about this segment was the surprise appearance wrestling belts for sale of Lita. Next up is Zack Ryder facing off against Ezekiel Jackson in a match where Ryder is killed in about forty-five seconds. We see even more stupid shit with Pee-wee Herman, and for once.

I was happy to see the Miz. Notice that the crowd was completely dead when Pee-wee was doing the secret word bit, and Michael Cole was acting like a fanboy when Miz and Alex Riley came out. Miz and Alex Riley are mocked by Herman before wwe shop belts the Big Show comes out dressed as Pee-wee Herman is. After knocking Miz and Riley out of the ring, the general manager sends an email informing us all that right then and there that the Miz would have to fight the Big Show.



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