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Would you like a Teeth whitening kit that goes a little further? Check this out first!

Do you want your teeth to be a shade or two lighter? But do you also want that wide-eyed subtle smile, the one people look at and think “wow, what a gorgeous woman”?

Some teeth whitening kits don’t take into consideration the appearance of your smile. Others have a tendency to make your smile look “over-done”. [This is especially true if you have a wide grin or square teeth.]

“But I want that confident look!” you exclaim. “The one where people don’t even notice your teeth are whiter!”

Sooner or later, this becomes overwhelming, and you stop seeing results at all. You chalk it up to just not having the time, or you run into drugstore and home-use teeth whitening kits that only give you a few months of results.

Here’s the problem though: most of the time, all you need is a little push! And with our new kit, that’s what we’re giving to you!

What this product does will make almost any smile look brighter and whiter. Check it out!

What is it?

What you get is a Teeth Whitening Kit that’s made exclusively for professionals, dentists and people who take their smile as seriously as you do. The kit includes Pre-treatment application, the Whitening Gel, which contains peroxide and glycerin. Also included are Wooden applicators to apply Gel to your teeth.

You also get a professional whitening tray that’s perfect for hands-free application of the whitening gel.

How To Save Money with Teeth whitening kit?

If you have implants, you’ll need to get them replaced eventually. But with a tooth whitening kit, you can reverse the damage from years of coffee-drinking for only a fraction of the cost.

There are plenty of kits available for about $50 – but this one is ideal for people who want whiter teeth without having to make an appointment or sit in a chair at the dentist office.

A kit like this will whiten your Teeth Whitening Kit in a few hours, giving you the brand new pearly whites that you deserve. Best of all, it’s affordable.

The kit includes 30% hydrogen peroxide, a custom-fit trays and toothpaste. The hydrogen peroxide will kill the bacteria present on your teeth, break down stains and discolorations left over from years of coffee drinking. After using the products, you’ll have a brand new set of white teeth that are completely natural and don’t have any stains from coffee.

I’ve used this kit three times already to clean my teeth, so I know that it works. I also tried to whiten my teeth via salicylic acid, but it only worked to a certain degree. The tooth whitening kit is much cheaper, and it’s a much better option than what I have used to whiten my teeth in the past.

What I like: You only need to use the kit once or twice a week before getting new results.

What I don’t like: It takes some time for the product to work its magic on your teeth and get them whiter.

Why My Teeth whitening kit Is Better.

Do you wish your Teeth Whitening Kit were whiter? Do you want to know which kit is better than the rest – and all the reasons why? I’m glad you asked. Our whitening kit, Dazzle Smile, is superior for many different reasons.

We use higher quality ingredients in our whitening kits (like potent carbide peroxide) that give better results than our competitors do.

Our kits come with custom fitting trays, and comfortable instructions. You can use your teeth whitening kit at any time – while you brush and floss. Our instructions are simple and easy to use. You do not need to be a chemist or dental professional to get beautiful, even teeth.

As with all our products on our website, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us and let us know. We will refund your money, or send you another kit free of charge.

What’s Inside Your Teeth Whitening Kit?

Our teeth whitening kits include:

Your custom fitting trays that are specifically designed to fit your Teeth Whitening Kit and cover your entire mouth (we use a high-quality material that fits comfortably). This is how our customers achieve maximum results in a very short period of time (usually 30 minutes or less). The whitening gel that you apply with the trays. This is what causes the whitening effect. We use a high quality carbamide peroxide gel (that is made in the USA) that whitens teeth faster, and better, than our competitors do.

A calibrated dropper to ensure you gets the right amount of fluid in your mouth. We use this to ensure you do not accidentally get too much, or too little.

A lint-free applicator cloth. This makes applying the whitening gel even more comfortable. It’s also one of the reasons why our kits work so well, and give beautiful results in such a short amount of time.

How Do I Use My Teeth Whitening Kit?

Every whitening kit we sell comes with simple but effective instructions that are easy to understand and follow.

All our instructions are written to be clear and easy-to-read. They are also very useful for those of you who have never used a whitening kit before.

How Do I Wash My Teeth Whitening Kit?

We recommend that you wash your Teeth Whitening Kit with soap and water right after you use it. If you can, we recommend that you wash it in the dishwasher.

What is the Best Way to Apply My Teeth Whitening Kit?

You must apply your teeth whitening gel with the trays. You do not have to use a lot of gel. We recommend that you start small and work your way up to see what works for you, or only use enough so that you can see some whitening on your teeth (not all of them).



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