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World premiere of Honda’s next-generation Civic Type R

On 21 July 2022, Honda will debut the new generation Civic Type R. The core concept of the new generation Civic Type R is “Ultimate SPORT 2.0”, which emphasises the evolution of the previous generation “Ultimate SPORT”. Only the interior and exterior design and outline will be announced at the launch event, with more details to follow except Harga Honda Civic, which is unknown and would be released in the future.

Low & wide style

The exterior of the car is based on the Civic Hatchback, with a wide wing that is integrated into the body of the car and air intake holes on the bonnet.

The red Honda badge, metal emblems, wheels and brake callipers are all part of the flagship look.

The body is available in the iconic Type R colour ‘Championship White’, but also in the new colour ‘Sonic Gray Pearl’.

The rear of the car gives an imposing impression. It has a huge rear wing, side skirts and three exhaust tailpipes, which were also present on the previous model.

The interior is Red x Black!

The cabin design features red seats and carpets that evoke emotion, while the interior trim is black so as not to distract the driver.

In order to maintain the stability of the front seat at high speeds on the race track, the seat is designed to support the body in a multi-faceted 3D shape, and the seat surface is made of high friction coefficient suede to reduce slippage during high G forces such as cornering and sudden acceleration/deceleration.

The dashboard is designed with a general mode as well as a +R mode. The upper part of the instrument panel shows the engine speed, Rev indicator, gear position, etc., while the lower part of the instrument panel is a multimedia display that allows the driver to freely display information about the vehicle.



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