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Willy A Bachofen (WAB)

Willy A Bachofen (WAB GROUP) offers dispersion and wet milling technologies to the pharmaceutical industry with the DYNOMILL brand.

Processing and processing services for pharmaceutical active ingredients

The DYNOMILL range of products are used to process the active ingredients in pharmaceuticals (API) and accurately determines the particle size distribution.Two other brands from WAB GROUP, TURBULA and dynamix are used for 3D dry mixing that gives homogenous results.The company also has an research and development (R&D) and manufacturing center at the headquarters of Basel and Muttenz located in Swited for high-efficiency milling in lab scales.

Technology for fine dispersion and grinding

WAB GROUP specialises in agitator bead mills designed for particle size reduction via the mechanical breakdown. The mill is used to make particles that have a specific distribution profile and to increase the surfaces with solid content area.Dispersion or wet grinding pumps with low-to-high-viscosity are offered, with sizes ranging of 50nm up to 500um which can be processed within an enclosed unit.

3D mixing in pharmaceutical applications

The shaker mixers TURBULA and Dyna-MIX are built on controlled 3D movement. They provide a smooth steady, consistent, and reliable mixing for the most demanding pharmaceutical applications.It’s likely you’ve figured out computers don’t talk to one another in the same way that humans do. Instead, computers need codes or directives. The binary code and command permit computers to process information that is needed. In every second, billions billions of zeros and ones are processed to give you the information you require.What is it that has to do with the ability to share your most recent photos on the internet? Everything.

The method by which computers communicate via markup languages and multimedia programs is referred to in the field of internet technology. Over the last several years, web technology has gone through an enormous change, going from just a few tagged websites to the capability to perform specific tasks in a network with no interruption. Let’s examine some examples of the web technology.

About Willy A. Bachofen

Willy A Bachofen AG, located in Muttenz in the city of Muttenz Basel, Switzerland is the headquarters of the WAB-GROUP. Members of the WAB-GROUP are located across Germany, France, India, China and the USA.Besides the presence in members of the WAB GROUP, our customers are assisted by more than forty Sales and Service Partners worldwide. WAB offers continuous assistance, high-quality delivery on time for customers in the pharmaceutical industry.


It is possible to see internet technology in terms of a slow change in technology, certain stages of which remain in use to this day. Try to imagine the network that isn’t using web technology. Although you’d have access to computers on your own however, you would not have the capability of running everything off the cloud, as it were. If you ever wanted to examine a document you’d have to connect with an immediate link with the computer hosting it that, to put it simply is pretty inefficient.

Fortunately, technology on the web does eliminate these inefficiencies by offering us ways to communicate with hosted data like websites. Utilizing a range of markup languages like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) as well as CSS, which is a cascading style sheet (CSS) Our capabilities range from providing images to delivering incredible text.

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