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Why you should invest EV charging stations in India?

Getting EV charging today means more than just preparing your business for this transition in transportation. Also, it’s a clear way to draw more consumers and increase earnings. Here are a few instances of how introducing public EV charging can increase the profitability of your present business. While also becoming an income stream in its own right.

Drivers are increasingly converting to electric cars (EVs) around the world. People will choose where they eat, buy, and park based on the availability of charging stations as EV adoption rises. Providing smart EV charging services to customers would be a simple approach to enhance customer loyalty and footfall.

Profits of investing in EV charging stations

Accordingly, EV charging stations manufacturers in India, owners were willing to pay up to $3 per hour for charging, with 12% willing to pay $4 per hour – even though charging at home costs only $0.75 per hour.

Increase foot traffic at your place of business

Under pointing out several things it’s revealed that the EV charging stations have increased the demand for electric cars and amount of customers at the charging point which leads to increased sales. Overall, it usually relieves the customer’s stress of filling the tank rather than just charging within some minutes. This leads to increased profit for the business. 

Increased range

With stronger batteries, EVs can now travel the same distances as conventional automobiles. EVs will be coming to your business, whether it is in the center of a city or along a rural stretch of roadway. Accordingly, this will directly increase the profit to the investors for choosing a way to EV charging stations.

Greater purchasing incentives

Governments and services are also getting more worried about climate change, and are offering lucrative tax and purchase incentives that make owning an electric vehicle even more feasible. EV owners are saving even more money to drive a vehicle that already costs less to operate thanks to cash-back on EV purchases and lower energy prices to charge their vehicles.

Providing essential business facilities

Businesses have a growing duty to provide EV charging connections for usage by clients, guests, and employees as EV ownership rises. The electric vehicle market is rapidly expanding, and EV charger installation is an investment worth making in order to provide improved amenities and fit-for-purpose corporate premises.

What a positive impact do EV charging stations have on your community

EVs cover the way to another shape of clean transports

Electric automobiles are just one part of a larger mobility trend. Not only will our vehicles become more electric, but they will also be automated, networked, and shared. When all of these advances are combined, transportation planners believe that emissions, congestion, and accidents will be decreased significantly.

Electric vehicle supports environmental justice

People who live near highways and trucking routes are subjected to considerable health risks as a result of transportation pollution. Children who live within 246 feet of a highway have a higher risk of asthma, according to research. Vehicle emissions not only have an influence on health and quality of life, but they also have an impact on adjacent communities by producing traffic congestion, safety hazards, pavement degradation, noise, and interior and outdoor pollution.



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