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Why You Need a Rural Trip

It might be a new year, but you might already feel like you need a holiday – and that is understandable. The festive period can often take it out of a lot of people, and then to go back to work in January with the weather being as it is and everyone being as broke as they are – things can feel a little…bleak. 

It is around these times of the year that people think about what they are doing with their lives, whether they are “happy”, and if they really want to spend another year doing what they are doing now.

A trip away from all of the stresses and strains of modern life and its trappings could be just what you need to help you refresh. One great option that you can choose to de stress yourself is St Barts Villas. This piece is going to take a look at the benefits of why you need a rural trip – let’s get into it.

Nature Is Healing 

You don’t have to spend mega bucks to reap the benefits of nature, especially if your bank account is looking a little worse for wear. Just being outside can be extremely healing. However, taking your mind to somewhere new which is less tainted by current distractions could help you take some quality time out.

For example, a walk in some woodlands miles away from the sounds of horns honking and people yelling could be much more restorative than just a quick walk down your block. However, if that is all you can do, it will usually be better than nothing!

Limited Cell Signal

Rural does not always mean no internet or reception, but if it does, it will not be the end of the world. Everyone with a smartphone has the chance to be bombarded with news updates (none of which are usually positive), the latest trends, or to scroll endlessly on social media – most of which can impact our mental health in a negative way. When you are taken away from your phone world, there is the chance to reconnect with the world around you instead – which is usually a little more manageable than a world with several countries worth of bad news every page refresh.

Having limited access to the internet also takes away the ongoing fight with discipline. It can be much harder to resist a good scroll through TikTok if you have the means, but if it isn’t an option, you literally have to do something else. This could be reading a book, watching a movie on a classic DVD, playing board games, or simply having heartfelt conversations with loved ones.

Enjoy a Different Culture

If you end up going abroad for your rural trip, you can expect a different experience than the tourists get in high-traffic areas. Many say that rural trips are what real travel is all about, but that is up to you to decide – it certainly has its benefits! Going rural for a trip can offer the chance to learn something new, try something new, and be immersed in how others live. This is an experience that could be difficult to obtain in the more well-trodden areas. 

That being said, it is worth remembering that transport can be very sparse in many rural locations, so make sure to book provisions beforehand. If you are to enjoy rural England as your getaway location, then make sure to book yourself a premier cab service so you know you can get from A to B without any bother!

Helps You Enjoy the Little Things in Life 

The little things in life are almost always the most important. It can be much more difficult for those in an urban setting to be able to focus on a particularly great cup of coffee or watch a squirrel bounding from tree to tree. It can be hard to appreciate the sound of the rain or that you woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Rural life can often allow you to really be able to slow down and notice the little things, as there are much fewer distractions fighting for your attention. And if you are on vacation, you will hopefully be worrying less about having to rush out of the door!

These are just a few reasons why a rural trip could be just the thing you need.



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