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Why it Makes Sense to Create your Own Video Production

There was a time when you had no choice but to hire a video production team when you want to create a project; those days are long gone with the level of equipment and software we enjoy today. Of course, we are not saying that video production companies don’t provide an essential service, but with the right equipment, you can produce a professional video by simply renting a studio.

Planning the Project

This is the first stage and once you have a concept, it can be developed into a storyboard and a budget can be set. The right camera and external mic might be all you need and shooting on location brings with it many challenges, whereas, finding a good CG studio for rent is never an issue in Bangkok. Creating the storyboard is also a time for listing all the project requirements, then when you have that list, you can start crunching the numbers to see if you are within budget.

Hire a Large Studio         

Filming in green rooms is very popular; you can add whatever you want when you film in a green setting; such a studio would have everything you need, including a talented team of video editors. They can undertake the entire project from conception, although it is cheaper to just use the studio for the space, the filming and self-editing. If your project is using CG, any established studio should have everything you need; simply give them a list of props and you’re good to go.

Camera & External Mic

Once you have a decent camera and external mic, you pretty much have it covered if you are doing a location shoot; don’t forget to check lighting and ambient noise levels, otherwise you might make a wasted journey. You can use a DSLR camera for video, plug in an external mic and you can conduct interviews and have a dialogue with two people. The quality of smartphone cameras means you can film HD in 4k and there are powerful software features to make your video look really professional. You may or may not know that you can buy Instagram followers, as this blog highlights.

Video Editing

Once you have all the raw footage in the can and it’s a wrap, the next stage is the editing process and if you are computer savvy, you should be able to master Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a powerful video editing platform that produces movie quality content. If you go down the self-edit road, you can save yourself around 20,000 baht and this is a skill that will remain with you for the rest of your life. If you have a specific location requirement in Thailand, click here. Once the finished timeline is complete, you can export to any format, which is perfect when you want the film viewed on a range of devices and platforms.

The right filming equipment, a concept, a storyboard and a good studio are all you need to obtain the raw footage; you can add soundtracks at will and make full use of CG software to create a professional video.



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