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Why Do People Love Living on Long Island?

Long Island, New York, is a fantastic place to live, as its many residents can attest to. For various reasons, the island has become a vibrant metropolis for people looking to move to New York City to a place outside of Manhattan. Long Island’s vistas, activities, and peaceful neighborhoods mean there’s no time to waste if you are looking for Long Island houses for sale. Here are the reasons Long Island residents love living there, and maybe you will, too.

Public Transportation

Long Island, not one to be outdone by Manhattan, has an efficient public transport system consisting of busses, railways, and controlled-access highways. You still have the option to drive, which is made more accessible by the less-crowded roads than you’d find in Manhattan, but the public transit has you covered for the times when you can’t. If you’re ever looking for an exciting day out, Long Island is just a bus ride away from Manhattan, thanks to the robust public transit system.

Scenic Views

Whether you are on the beach, in one of the many parks, or simply looking at the city skyline, Long Island’s views are to die for. Window shopping at one of the islands’ many award-winning shopping malls, walking through a Long Island green space and taking a stroll down the coastline to watch a gorgeous sunset are some of the best experiences residents can have daily.


If you’re a fan of seafood, Long Island has you covered. Whether you are dining from a food truck or eating out at a fine dining establishment, there is no shortage of options to soothe your culinary palette. Long Island wine is also to die for, so make sure to find yourself at one of the many wineries on the island. Long Island’s food is locally produced and caught, so by eating at one of the many experiences, you’re also supporting ethical food production and helping local businesses thrive.

Quiet Neighborhoods

Despite all the hustle and bustle this list implies, the residential parts of Long Island will give you plenty of space for peace and relaxation. The suburbs of Long Island are far more accessible than other cities on New York’s coastline, and their neighborhoods are full of some of the east coast’s finest homeowners. If you’re intimidated by living in a bustling city, don’t worry because Long Island has some of the most peaceful residential neighborhoods in New York.


Long Island schools are lauded as some of the best on the east coast, with over 600 public school options in the Long Island area and private and parochial options. For those entering higher education, premier colleges such as Hofstra University, Dowling College, New York Institute of Technology, St. Joseph College, SUNY Stony Brook, and Touro Law College are at your disposal. There’s no shortage of educational outlets for those looking to stay on Long Island for the long term.



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