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Which Sports Are Popular in Summer?

Someone likes to lie on the beach in the summer, substituting the side of the sun, or fry a barbecue outside the city, enjoying the games of fire and smoke, while someone prefers an active lifestyle and decides to go in for sports. Decent choice! Warm weather is conducive to outdoor training, and the contemplation of nature complements the effect of physical activity with positive emotions. It remains only to choose which sport to stop at.  If you love a certain sport, you can get a jersey and train in gear. For example, if you love soccer you can get a Mexico jersey or jersey of your favorite team.

We offer a selection of the most popular summer activities that you can start without much preparation and material costs.

Walking and running outdoors

This is the most budget option for sports activities, you only need sneakers, shorts and a T-shirt. However, in the selection of equipment, considerable freedom is provided, the main thing is that the clothes and shoes are comfortable and do not restrict movement.

If you are absolutely untrained and your pulse goes off the scale when running, don’t risk it, start with sports walking, its technique is quite easy to master, and when the body adapts, switch to jogging.

When choosing the optimal time for running, be guided by your biorhythms. Some gladly run early in the morning, when the streets and paths of the parks are still empty when the night coolness is in the air and the time of the new day is just beginning to run. Others prefer to run in the evening, when they can relax and take a break from the day’s worries, switching to physical exercise.

Pedal Cycling

Of course, at the beginning of training, cycling can hardly be called sports, rather, it is cycling through the park and moderate physical activity. In the future, you can add sprint driving, driving uphill. Fans of unusual exercises can try jumping on a bicycle and performing various figures. In any case, a two-wheeled friend will make the muscles of the legs and pelvic girdle work, and will also bring a lot of positive emotions. Cycling is also attractive because you can use the road to and from work as a workout. In many cities, special bicycle lanes are already equipped on the carriageway of the streets. Why push around in public transport and grow a butt in a private car, if you can get to work with health benefits.


Swimming develops all muscle groups, but it has a particularly beneficial effect on the muscular corset of the spine. For those who have ever experienced back problems, the road to the water, as well as for those who have diseases of the joints of the legs and cardiovascular problems.

If in winter you have to use the pool for swimming, then in summer you can enjoy the healing power of open water bodies – numerous reservoirs, lakes, rivers and even seas and oceans. In a big city, you can choose an outdoor pool as a place for swimming, which allows you to breathe clean air while swimming, and sunbathe after swimming.


It looks like playing with a shuttlecock is a very aristocratic pastime, but those who really practice badminton can share their feelings after training. Badminton requires speed of muscular reaction, accuracy of movements, and a special rhythm of breathing. A pair of light rackets and shuttlecocks are not that expensive, and buying a gym membership is not at all necessary. As a court, you can use a clearing, beach, free space in the yard.


Tennis is the brother of badminton, only more “advanced”. Equipment – a racket and balls, a sports uniform – are not cheap, but what a view! In addition, some of the used equipment can be bought at online auctions from the hands, and in the store you can pick up a relatively inexpensive racket. If earlier you had to buy a subscription to the gym or to the playground, today there are many free tennis courts, next to which, like mushrooms after rain, rackets and other equipment rentals have grown.

Tennis is only at first glance so easy, it would seem that it is difficult to wave a racket and hit the ball? However, this is only at first glance, in fact, tennis is an athletic sport that requires physical endurance and preparation. But the result of such training is obvious – a toned, slender body, a healthy heart and blood vessels, a strong character and endurance.



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