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Which is the Most Trusted Diabetes Reversal Program in India?

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by Diabetes management programs. Breathe Well-being is the leading of the best and most trusted diabetes reversal programs in India and is considered the best diabetes reversal program in India.

Diabetes is a fast-growing epidemic among Indians. With 77 million diabetics, India has the world’s second-largest diabetic population. Despite the fact that these statistics are worsening by the day, diabetes reversal programs in India are providing a ray of hope.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the foundation of type 2 diabetes. The main causes of type 2 diabetes are high calorie, sugar, and carbohydrate foods combined with very little physical activity. This situation is also an outcome of unawareness about proper nutrition and sticking on chairs with mobiles and laptops i.e less movement.

Age, gender, genetics, ethnicity, high blood pressure, alcohol, and other factors all contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes reversal programs are working hard to reverse diabetes by identifying the root cause of the problem, losing weight, and improving overall health.

What is a Diabetes Reversal Program?

A diabetes reversal program is an amalgamation of low-calorie, low-carb foods and a personalized exercise regimen that helps maintain blood sugar levels and reduce HbA1C.

Diabetes management is a process that includes a healthy diet and fitness plan in order to control blood glucose levels, lower HbA1C, and lose weight. Diet, exercise, diabetes education, and stress management are the four pillars of reversal.

A type 2 diabetes reversal program’s role is to educate a type 2 diabetic patient about the underlying cause of the problem and how to solve it. This education includes eating a diabetic-friendly diet, exercising regularly, working on stress management, and learning about good and bad food.

This entire process requires an expert guide and Breathe Well-being is one of the most trusted diabetes reversal programs in the field of diabetes management. Breathe Well-being is a group of more than 100 world-class experts, coaches, fitness trainers, best diabetes doctors, and caregivers. It is a digital therapeutic program that has been scientifically proven to work toward an effective yet manageable diabetes reversal program.

More than 10,000 users have reversed their type 2 diabetes successfully and are leading a normal life again after following Breathe’s diabetes management program. This program encompasses a number of medically proven features such as a personalized diet plan, exercise regimen, diabetes awareness or education, stress-management techniques, a mobile app, and doctor consultation.

The effectiveness of this program is validated by the ADA, AACE, and ESE. Breathe’s diabetes reversal program has helped thousands of type 2 diabetics in reversing their diabetes.

Why Breathe Well-being?

Diabetes Reversal Program

The Breathe Well-being program is addressing the root cause of type 2 diabetes with its clinically-proven approach. The program is designed by world-class experts after researching all the possible factors of causes and reversal. It believes that not every individual needs the same solution. Different problems, different solutions. To cater to the needs of every type 2 diabetic individual, BWB curates a customized program based on his/her blood glucose levels, HbA1C, weight, and other underlying diseases. It provides a clear roadmap for addressing each problem with the most effective

Breathe Well-being’s coaches and doctors are a team of dedicated individuals who are working tirelessly towards the mission of Diabetes Mukt Bharat. A mission that aims toward 1 million diabetes reversals by 2025.

Salient features of Breathe Well-Being Diabetes Reversal Program

1:1 Live Consultations

It allows users to interact with the best diabetologists in order to better understand their disease and progress with the diabetes reversal program.

Customized Diet Plan

This is one of the most important parts of this program. A diet is a potent factor to reduce the blood glucose levels in the body. Based on every individual, the diet coach and nutritionists design a diet plan with low carb, low calorie, high protein, and high fiber food. This diabetic-friendly diet helps in the reduction of insulin resistance, HbA1C, weight, and sugar levels. This diet plan is also different for each individual based on their growth. With changing test results and readings, the coaches continue to modify the diet. It helps to control diabetes naturally.

Customized Fitness Plan

It is not about heavy weight lifting exercises or just running. Breathe’s fitness trainers are well-versed with their expertise and design the best-suited fitness plan based on an individual’s requirement. They follow various factors while curating a fitness plan like age, weight, severity, and other issues like arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle spasm, joint pains, or back pains. These exercises are simple, doable yet very effective, and give results in just a few weeks.

Regular Doctor Consultation

Breathe never leaves a user alone or stranded. It schedules regular doctor consultations to assess the journey of diabetes reversal. It gives them an understanding of medication withdrawal or reducing the dosage.

Constant Monitoring

Diet and fitness coaches keep constant monitoring of each user with regular follow-ups and mobile apps. Breathe Well-being’s mobile app is an instrumental tool that allows users to feed their daily activities. A user can feed daily consumed calories, blood sugar levels (FS &PP), weight, step counts, etc. This task provides points to a user and promotes him/her to the next level. The coaches constantly access this data and keep a tab on a user’s growth.

Diabetes Education

Spoon feeding is not a best practice in the diabetes reversal process. Breathe allows users to understand the root cause, triggering points, and ways to control sugar levels via diabetes education. Many webinars, consultations, educational videos on mobile apps, community support, and asking the mentor help a user to have deep knowledge about diabetes and its causes. It makes them self-reliant about their food choices and exercise routines.

Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Yoga and meditation help a user to improve blood glucose level control.

Stress-management Techniques

Stress causes stress-related hyperglycemia, which raises insulin resistance and sugar levels in the body. At Breathe Well-being, diabetes experts teach stress management techniques to reduce the negative impacts of stress.

Effective Mobile App as Diabetes Tracker

As previously stated, the Breathe mobile app serves as a digital coach in tracking progress. It keeps a daily log of sugar levels, calorie intake, steps taken, and water consumed. It gives coaches a well-established tracker to define a user’s real-time growth and allows them to modify the health plan as needed.

Online Community Support

“You’re not alone,” the goal of online community support is to bring people together to talk about and learn from each other’s successes. It encourages others to follow guidelines correctly for better results.

24*7 Support

Breathe Well-being coaches are always happy to assist users with their small or large questions. It instills confidence and security and helps you reverse diabetes at home with little assistance.


Satisfied users are the real-time testimony of the efficacy of this program. This program is working towards sustainable diabetes reversal without medication and external support. It provides a natural way to reverse diabetes. These result-oriented practices of the program make Breathe Well-being’s diabetes reversal program the most trusted diabetes reversal program in India. Over 90% of users have shown a reduction in the HbA1C levels, and 87% of users stopped medications with an average 5.5kg weight reduction and 1.2& HbA1C reduction.



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