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How Can I Use WhatsApp Web on my Desktop?

Users can not only use whatsapp on the device as an app but also it can be used as the whatsapp web which will sync all data from the mobile app and users can operate whatsapp both as an app as well on the web.

The messages receive or sent from the WhatsApp web or app will be update to the other automatically and users can either one to receive important messages and videos.

Where to look for whatsapp web options on devices?

  1. A) On an Android device:

Users can look for whatsapp web, from the three dots at the top right on the whatsapp app and then choose the WhatsApp web option from there.

  1. B) On an iPhone device:

Users can look for whatsapp web, after opening WhatsApp, and then go to the settings icon at the bottom left, and from there, users must choose WhatsApp web.

To get whatsapp web, users would need to scan the QR code, from their smartphone camera to the code visible on the user’s computer or laptop.

Once the code is scan properly, the whatsapp web would be automatically launch in the browser and will remain active until the user has decided to log out from the computer/laptop or the user’s smartphone.

# Note: It’s easy to log out from the device(computer/laptop) by just clicking on the three dots icon presented at the top of the conversation thread, then users must click on the Log out option.

Here’s how to use whatsapp on the computer: 

  • From the web.whatsapp.com login page, users must install the whatsapp web desktop application.
  • Click on the download option, and install it.
  • Follow the instructions and start the whatsapp web desktop application after scanning the QR code.

Hence the whatsapp web and app can be use simultaneously.

If you require more information related to how to use whatsapp on the computer then you can visit Onlinehubb.



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