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What You Need To Know Before Your Next Purchase

In the good old days, if you needed an umbrella, you got a long stick umbrella. And it was black. But in recent years, there have been several innovations and amazing feats of engineering applied to the age-old umbrella.

Perhaps the most dramatic innovation in an umbrella is the way it opens. Manual umbrellas are opened and closed by sliding the ring up and down the shaft at the user’s discretion. For the past few years, automatic umbrellas have been available that open at the touch of a button on the handle. These spring-loaded umbrellas are really convenient and usually open faster than a traditional manual umbrella. Recently, some resourceful engineers have figured out how to make umbrellas that open and close automatically. These are the ultimate in convenience. A word of caution: because they are complex mechanical machines, automatic umbrellas can occasionally break and get stuck either open or closed. If you want the benefits of an automatic umbrella, I recommend buying a higher-quality umbrella with a lifetime warranty.

Amazing Innovation Umbrella

The next amazing innovation for the modern umbrella is the double canopy. The theory behind this is that wind can flow through these slots instead of being caught by the canopy and forcing the umbrella to tip over. (There are many different variations of the double canopy, but essentially they all work the same and can prevent damage to this valuable accessory. Most double-cap umbrellas can withstand wind speeds of up to 80 mph. If your double-cap umbrella tips over, you should seek shelter and get indoors immediately!

Another option to consider is a traditional stick umbrella or folding umbrella. Folding umbrellas are also known as compact or ultra-compact. The shaft of these umbrellas extends when unfolded, providing ample protection for individuals while folding down to less than a foot long for convenient transport. Traditional stick umbrellas are bulkier, but also more durable.

Also worth mentioning is the material from which the cap of an umbrella is made. Most umbrellas are made of nylon because it is durable, freely available and inexpensive. Pongee (pronounced “ponj”) is a type of silk fabric. It’s rare for umbrellas to be made exclusively of pongee, but you’re likely to find poly pongee. This combination of polyester and silk is more commonly used and is also slightly more expensive due to the silk content. The advantage of poly-pongee is that it is a lighter fabric. There are also some select umbrellas that are made of a polyester canopy. All of these fabrics provide excellent protection from the sun and rain. When custom printing, keep in mind that nylon holds up better and reflects imprints better. If you want to put a logo on an umbrella, you should use a nylon cap.


Do you like to play golf in the rain? Umbrella manufacturers often produce custom-made golf umbrellas that feature a larger-than-average canopy (usually with 62- or 68-inch arches), a longer-than-usual traditional stick shaft, and a straight handle. Golf umbrellas also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Golf umbrellas are not only popular with golfers, but are also great for families.

Another great umbrella to consider are doorman umbrellas, which are built specifically for commercial use in hotels and homes. Doorman umbrellas are similar to golf umbrellas with the two exceptions that they usually have a traditional J-shaped handle and come in a limited number of colors. Doorman umbrellas are also built to last and are suitable for families.

For commuters or businessmen, there are a variety of travel umbrellas. These are compact, foldable umbrellas that come with a convenient carrying case or other bag. Some even have loops and straps so that the umbrella can be carried on the back like a backpack. ....................................................................

Under the name of fashion umbrellas, there are various models that are designed to make a personal statement or even match a particular outfit. There are a few set rules for fashion umbrellas, and there is a wide range of quality and durability. When choosing a fashion umbrella (as opposed to a “fashion” umbrella), be sure to contact a reputable umbrella company that provides their products with a warranty.



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