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What NOT To Do In The Custom Packaging For Retail Industry

Custom packaging for retail is essential for your company and products. It is considered an excellent marketing strategy that sets you apart from the competition. You can create a great experience for your customers with the right custom boxes. It’s not only an important thing for your business but also provides you with several other benefits. 

Thus it is necessary to ensure that you are avoiding custom packaging mistakes as best as possible. It will not only save your money but also save a lot of time.

When it comes to custom packaging for retail, your boxes need to look unique and attractive. In addition, it is an effective way of advertising your products. Nowadays, the competition is very high in the industry, but with the right boxes, you can stand out easily. It also leaves a great impression on customers. Thus, to avoid custom packaging errors, ensure to avoid the following things about custom retail packaging. It helps you get the perfect boxes for goods throughout the production process.

Avoid Packaging Waste

The first thing to remember is the difference between usefulness and wastefulness.

While working on custom packaging for retail, consider how much material do you require to make unique packaging boxes? Secondly, think about whether your design is completely good for functionality?

Avoid things that make the packaging boxes look messy and are toxic to the environment, such as:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam peanuts 

You can easily reduce waste and keep your items safe by taking such steps. Nowadays, every business prefers to choose eco-friendly packaging over other materials. Furthermore, buyers don’t like wasteful packaging, which also costs a lot.

You can easily cope with such errors by just designing an eco-conscious packaging box. Furthermore, another way is to seek guidance from professional designers that helps you meet the packaging needs and environmental standards.

Besides, noticing the exact measurements for the boxes will also help minimize the number of waste materials used. In addition, all you need is to ensure that packaging keeps your items in place during movement, prevents them from damage and saves your budget. 

Avoid Wrong Material

One core element to notice while designing wholesale retail boxes is the packaging materials. We all know that inappropriate material not only ruins the presentation of the product but is also challenging for transportation. Therefore, check all the specs first and select the packaging material. 

Besides, if the packaging material is incorrect or not suitable for the items, there are far higher chances of reduction in sales. 

On the other hand, If you are an online company that transports goods long distances, you will need a sturdy material that can withstand transportation conditions. Choose cardboard or corrugated packaging material. It will secure your products a long way. 

Another thing to notice is that if your custom packaging for retail is too big and the inside product is small, there will be a wastage of material. Also, it increases the risk of damage during shipping. However, if the custom packaging for retail is too small, it also affects the inside products. 

Mislabeled Packaging Boxes

It isn’t easy for startups and small companies to approach the customers. Furthermore, there are no specific ways and guidelines to be taken while introducing your brand. In this way, gaining buyers’ trust and loyalty becomes very difficult, even with custom packaging for retail.

Many retailers imprint very funny or serious taglines that lose the original charm of the product. As a result, the company loses its recognition in the marketplace.

Thus, focus on the right custom-printed retail boxes that help improve your brand identity. If the box doesn’t grab the attention of buyers, it might end your business’s growth or affect your sales.

Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

Packaging is an ideal way to reflect the image of any brand. Using a good colour scheme, multifunctional design, and high-end material is not only sufficient for a creative packaging box. The first thing people notice while purchasing your products is its graphics, printing, and logos. 

If the words are misspelt, contain any grammatical errors, or any missing information, it will negatively impact consumers’ minds. In addition, people do not trust your brand and do not purchase your items.

This example shows why paying attention to printing, logos and grammar are essential. In sum, proofread your packaging design before finalizing it. 

Protect from Damage

You need to use proper packaging when you ship your products from one place to another. Proper boxes protect your products from damage during shipping. Be sure that the items do not touch each other inside the box, and use padding supplies like packing peanuts and old newspapers. You should also wrap delicate items in bubble wrap. Secure the bubble wrap using packing tape. When shipping items internationally, be sure to use proper boxes and padding.

Turning A Blind Eye To the Environment 

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about the environment as it affects everyone. At first, it was completely ignored during the packaging era. But now, every business takes effective measures to save the environment. 

Using toxic material such as plastic is affected badly. In retail industries, plenty of custom packaging boxes are created daily. In addition, with no proper recycling system, the environment suffers a lot. 

In this regard, ensure to use environmental-friendly custom boxes. In addition, you can personalize the box by adding a greeting message or a cute card to show how you care. Even better, eco-friendly boxes are recyclable so you can use them again.


You can easily design better custom packaging for retail by figuring out past errors. If you want to customize special packaging boxes, visit CustomBoxesMarket.



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