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What Kind of Paintings To Put In Your Bedroom?

One of the most popular ways to decorate the space of the house is with paintings, which allow you to make the design complete and stylish. At the same time, they ceased to be expensive decoration only for connoisseurs of art and people from high society. Anyone can afford to buy a beautiful canvas and hang it on their wall.

Of particular importance are paintings for the bedroom. It is the personal space of an inhabitant, where he sleeps, spends a significant part of his time, and does his favorite things.

The best places for paintings in the bedroom

The picture serves to decorate the interior, but if it is not positioned correctly, it can look less advantageous, and sometimes even completely lost against the background of other objects and colors. Therefore, a place for a picture is chosen even before its purchase.

In addition to being purely decorative, the paintings also carry other functional loads. For example, a small bedroom can be visually expanded with a modular painting consisting of 5-6 parallel modules. It is best to place it above the bed.

The place above the bed should not remain unused, because of this the whole room looks empty, and the interior – is unfinished. Here you can place:

  • Big picture
  • Modular image
  • Collage of several images
  • 11×14 frame with your own pictures

Which Paintings to Put in Your Bedroom?

The image at the head should be in harmony with the bedroom set. If the size of the room allows, you can hang several medium-sized paintings diagonally from left to right or in random order. The classic version is a canvas on the sidewall near the bed.

Inside a spacious room consisting of several zones, you will need to use several images.

They will be located in different places, and carry different loads, so they should differ in size, color scheme, and content. For a recreation area, a light, light pattern with a warm, calm plot is suitable. And for the working area, a picture with a bright image, or a portrait of a favorite character or relative would be appropriate.

Pictures in the bedroom themselves often serve as space delimiters, if they are harmoniously combined with other objects inside the room.

Things To Consider

When choosing paintings for the bedroom, it is recommended to take into account the overall style of the room. For example, in the refined interior of an apartment in the style of classicism, decorated with antiques, gilding, gold fringe, a picture with a simple wooden frame depicting cows grazing in a meadow would not be appropriate.

In addition, the size of the room is important. In a small room, a small picture looks organic, and inside a spacious room, a large canvas will be an excellent accent that will focus attention on itself.

Classical interiors are usually decorated with copies of famous works by great artists. Even better is to purchase the original, although this option is only suitable for a very wealthy family. The paintings should not show any abstractions or geometric patterns.

A trendy hi-tech bedroom requires paintings that are executed with straight lines, without bends. Usually these are various geometric shapes made in cold colors: gray, black, blue.

For a room in a minimalist style, geometric shapes are also suitable, but bends and rounded lines are allowed. You can choose a poster in monochrome colors or abstract.

Which paintings can you choose?

The classic version of paintings for interior decoration is canvases painted with oil paints or watercolors. Watercolors are less durable, fade quickly, so they are placed under glass.

Very often, posters are used to decorate the interior, which are ordinary photographs printed on paper and stretched over a baguette. They can depict portraits, landscapes, panoramas of cities, collages, animals.

Modular paintings are extremely popular now. They are a composition assembled from several parts. We can say that this is a picture assembled from several posters.



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