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What Is WPC Decking Made Of? Uses and Benefits

When you decide to start construction of your building, the first thing you must consider that how to find the best materials. It is because many types of materials are available, but not all are durable.

Leaving all materials aside, you can choose the WPC materials. These are not only durable but also can change the future of construction. If you are new to WPC decking, keep reading our article to know how the wood plastic composite is made and what its uses in the commercial market are.

What is Wood Plastic Composite?

As the name suggests, the WPC is a mixture of natural wood and plastic. There are many types of woods used in the manufacturing of WPC. These may be sawdust, bamboo, hulls, barks, and others. These combine with the plastic and form WPC.

The most important thing about this material is that it is made from recycled materials. These materials are gathered from wood production facilities, CD operations, and many others. Besides, the existing WPC is used to create a new WPC.

How is it Made?

WPC is created from a mixture of ground wood and heated resin. It is like a paste, so you can mold this paste according to the shape you want. The following are the common resins that WPC manufacturers use:

  • Polystyrene
  • Polylactic acid
  • Polypropylene

The formation of WPC materials provided by every WPC Wall panel manufacturer is different depending upon the manufacturing facility. However, the material is made from raw materials. So, it needs to make at a low temperature as compared to common plastic.

Features of WPC Decking

To get the best WPC materials, you must take help from the WPC wall manufacturer team. However, first, you need to explore its features that are up to the mark.

  • Though the making of WPC starts from a paste, so, it’s your choice in which shape and size you want to mold it.
  • You can dye and color the materials according to your space theme.
  • The WPC materials are more durable and attractive than other materials. It is because these can resist moisture and rot.
  • The WPC also resists heat and protects the space as compared to common lumber.
  • If we talk about drilling and sanding, the WPC is similar to common wood.
  • After the addition of additives in the WPC manufacturing, it gives a stable product.

Benefits of Using WPC Decking

  • The wood polymer composites materials resist water and termites
  • The materials are the perfect option for the supper surface finishing
  • You don’t need to maintain WPC materials regularly.
  • The materials can withstand harsh climate conditions
  • WPC decks also resist slip
  • The material is durable as compared to common materials
  • There are many colors and shapes of WPC materials are present
  • The materials also resist UV rays and protect outdoor items from fading
  • WPC is created from recyclable wood and plastic. So, these materials are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


We have discussed the benefits of using the WPC decking. Now, it’s your time whether you want to choose this material or not. However, the making of WPC starts from a paste. So, it’s your choice in which shape and size you want to mold it. You can also bend and arch this material. It is because the paste is flexible and can be colored according to the theme.

Further, if we talk about the function of the WPC materials, it is water resistant. So, you can use this material for a long time without rotting. Besides, it is also heat resistant as compared to other common materials.



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