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What Is the Difference Between a Thermocooker and a Pressure Cooker?

When shopping for kitchen appliances, you look for the ones that provide the best value for their investment. A pressure cooker and thermocooker are among these appliances. To decide on the best cooker, it is helpful to understand their differences— and, when you look at all the differences, it’s easy to see that a thermocooker is overall a more reliable appliance. 

Factors That Differentiate a Thermocooker from a Pressure Cooker

The biggest distinction between the two cookers is evident in their names. A thermocooker uses low temperatures to slowly cook food, while a pressure cooker uses pressure for fast cooking. Other factors distinguishing the two include the following:

Reason to Own 

The purpose of a thermocooker is to retain the flavor, color, nutrients, and shape of your food while slow cooking. The pot traps heat in its insulated walls, enabling you to cook food on low heat. A thermocooker allows you to retain your food hot for hours after cooking. The heat from your food doesn’t escape from the insulated walls.

Thermocookers are an especially good choice if you’re busy working and must prepare meals without supervision. This cooker is safe to prepare food for longer hours without risking burning.

A pressure cooker is designed for speed cooking. It uses pressurized steam to cook your food at high temperatures. You prepare frozen chicken in around 15 minutes in your pressure cooker.

With a pressure cooker, you constantly have to check on your food. High temperatures in these pots increase the chances of your food being burnt. Your food may lose nutrients and color when subjected to excessive heat of the pressure cooker.

Energy Efficiency

Thermocooker cooks with less energy than a pressure cooker. It only consumes power in the first 15 minutes of cooking. The trapped heat energy is used to cook food for hours, and keep your food hot for hours to follow!

Pressure cookers use more energy compared to thermocooker; the technology requires increased power to build up the pressure that helps it cook.

Ease of Cleaning

You’re free to wash the inner pots of the thermocooker and pressure cooker in your dishwasher. If you do not have a dishwasher, the ease of cleaning each pot depends on the materials they’re made of. Thermocookers are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean as it doesn’t hold stains. Comparatively, a pressure cooker is made of aluminum, which is susceptible to stains. This requires more time to clean.

To clean the outer part of a thermocooker, lightly wipe its outer pot with a wet cloth. Cleaning the outer part of the pressure cooker demands greater care. The safety valves in this cooking pot tend to trap leftover foods that affect its functionality when not removed. You’ll need to pay special attention to those spots to ensure food does not become hardened and stick to the surface.

Best Cooked Foods

Your thermocooker and pressure cooker help you prepare different foods to various expectations. Some of the foods cooked best in each pot include:

  • Thermocooker- soups, stews, curry, cupcakes, and spaghetti 
  • Pressure Cooker- mashed potatoes, rice, hard meat, and beans. It also roasts meat, makes yogurt, and steams vegetables.

How to Use a Thermocooker and Pressure Cooker

To use your thermocooker, you’ll prepare your meal in the cooker’s inner pot and then add water to the outer pot. Allow the water to boil and place the inner pot into the outer pot. Let the food cook according to the recipe’s direction. You don’t have to keep checking on your food as this cooker cooks under moderate heat.

In a pressure cooker, you’ll add your food ingredients to the pot and preset the button that matches your type of food. The food will automatically cook for around 10-30 minutes, depending on your desired food texture. You should be careful to add enough water to cook your food without burning. If the water level exceeds a certain mark, your pressure may explode.

Get Your Best Cooking Pot Now

Are you looking for a kitchen appliance that saves energy and allows you to work without worrying about your food? A quality thermocooker ticks all the boxes. This cooker is a worthy investment that reduces your time in the kitchen and increases the ease and quality of your dishes!

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