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What Happens in an ABA Therapy Session?

Your kids may suffer from several mental health issues. These issues could be due to several reasons. However, the main reasons include witnessing domestic violence, shifting to a new city or town, changing schools, bullying, and rude behavior from siblings or neighbors. Any of these may lead to several sorts of mental disorders in your children. They may lack confidence and have some behavioral issues.

To solve all these things, you need to take them for ABA therapy in Dubai. ABA therapy involves the treatment of mental disorders in your children. It will also work on improving their behaviors. In simple words, it’s the psychic treatment of your children. You need to fix appointments with a child psychiatrist and get your children treated. It will proceed as sessions just like other regular psychic treatments. 

However, have you ever tried to think about what happens during ABA treatment sessions? Knowing this will make it easy for you to prepare your children for it. Here find what will happen during ABA therapy sessions and what you need to expect from them. 


The first step of any ABA therapy session is to diagnose your children’s problem. Psychiatrists will use their knowledge and abilities to understand what’s wrong is happening with your children. Without diagnosing, they can not start the actual treatment. Different types of brain scans may also be done to find the exact problem. 

Moreover, they also pay heed to the reasons for mental disorders. Knowing the reasons will make it easy for doctors to diagnose the problem. Doctors know what reasons are affecting which region of the brain. Then they can focus on region-specific disorders and check their symptoms. They will be able to diagnose the issue thoroughly.  After that, they will be able to treat your children accordingly.


Customization is another thing that you will experience in ABA therapy sessions. Children have very sensitive minds. They behave differently from adults in response to several things. Some children may not consider being bullied a big thing, but some will have mental issues just because of it. Therefore the same sessions cannot do well for all children. 

These sessions are customized as per your children’s mental conditions. For example, if they understand things better in animated form, doctors will use this way of treating them. However, this customization is not limited to different types of children only. It is also applicable for different sessions of the same child. For example, if your child is showing some progress in one department but lagging in the other, the psychiatrist will customize the sessions accordingly.


The duration of ABA treatment sessions may vary every time. It also varies due to the nature of your children. The primary purpose of ABA therapy is to train your children well for proper behaviors and to develop new relations. It also pays attention to their learning skills and learning method. Therefore, depending on the previous progress and children’s behavior, the duration of each session will be different from the previous one. 


The doctors use various treatment techniques for treating your children’s Mental disorders during each session. The most common and effective of them are the following two treatment plans. 

Discrete Trial Training

This training is a typical psychiatrist-type treatment. You can also call it a desk or table training session. The doctor and your child will sit in front of each other. The doctor will treat and teach every patient one after the other. It involves an intense learning mechanism that allows your child to gain maximum learning opportunities. This is mainly used for some mature children.

Natural Environment Training

It is an innovative way of treating mental disorders during ABA therapy sessions. Your children will be set in a familiar living environment, and their problems will be solved by taking assistance from daily life events. Moreover, this type of treatment can be used to treat more than one child at once. This involves learning various new things. 


Now you know what your children will face during ABA therapy sessions. Book an appointment with some able doctors at Camali Clinic and start the treatment program for your children.



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